Team Building Thursday fun!

Team Building Thursday activities provided some light hearted fun and a chance for employees to spend some time out of the office! Check out the photos below from last weeks’ UW-Green Bay version of #TBT!

Employee Stories: Other positive stories about UW-Green Bay?

In honor of employee appreciation week, employees were asked to “Share their Stories” as a UWGB employee. See below for some great stories about being a UWGB Phoenix Employee!

ETEUBERT“Most of the employees in the University Advancement office are UWGB graduates and I think that is pretty darn cool! :-)” Liz Teubert, University Advancement.






ECRAVER“This University changes lives – not in some abstract way, but in real ways that directly impact real people here in our community. UW-Green Bay is a vital part of the health and economic growth of Northeast Wisconsin and it is my fervent hope that we can continue to play this important role long into the future.” Eric Craver, Outreach & Adult Access.






phlash“I met my wife here… while wearing the Phlash outfit.” Dan Moore, Outreach & Adult Access.

SMACHUCA“Working at UW-Green Bay is a great experience because of my fellow coworkers.  The majority of the faculty and staff remain positive and work extremely hard through tough times.  This is also a beautiful campus, thanks to the amazing grounds crew and facilities crew, making work a pleasant place to be each day!” Sue Machuca, Phoenix Bookstore.





“I have always had supervisors that care about the students and that care about their staff.  I have been blessed with amazing office team players who have become friends and feel like family. We have some caring staff and faculty all over campus who strongly support students and who treat all people who work here equally.  I have fun.  There has never been a single day that I have gotten up and not wanted to come to work.” Toni Bergeon, Dean of Students Office.


ARENDT, L“We are lucky to have so many outstanding colleagues – bright, funny, interesting, dedicated, committed, and caring people who understand why it’s important for each of us to do our best every day.” Lucy Arendt, College of Professional Studies/School of Business.




“I am so thankful for the quality of students at UWGB.  Many who work several jobs, care for family and suffer with health issues while pursuing their dream of a college degree.  These students deserve so much respect for turning in such wonderful work and doing their best when all odds are often against them.  It is a privilege to serve them.” Jennifer Smith, Human Development.


“For the past three years, I have been apart of the UWGB Float Committee. This past year we won the Jean Nicolet Award.  Our committee is small but mighty and I’m so proud of what we get accomplished each year.” Amanda Wildenberg, Dean of Student Office.

HENNIGES“I am proud to be an employee, an alumni, married to an alumni, parent of one UWGB grad who is fully employed in his field , parent of a current UWGB student with 6 credits to go, and parent of another student who graduated from another UW campus (who took summer classes at UWGB) and currently is in grad school.  I believe in UWGB  and all it has to offer our community and our world.” Amy Henniges, Health and Counseling.


“In addition to my career with the Office of International Education, I also teach fitness classes at the Kress Event Center.  My “noon crew” class (Zumba and Toning Circuits) has been a great opportunity to meet people from all over campus.  We have had staff from Advising, Admissions, Office of International Education, Student Life, CATL, American Intercultural Center, NEW Partnership, Dean of Students, Outreach, Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, faculty and students.  It has been very rewarding to get to know people from so many different departments in a fun and welcoming environment.”   Kristy Aoki, International Education.

Thank you to all faculty and staff who submitted stories and THANK YOU for all you do to make UWGB a great place! There’s No UWGB without U!

“Team Building Thursday” & other Employee Appreciation Week Events

As part of Employee Appreciation Week, all employees are encouraged to participate in “Team Building Thursday” activities going on around campus today from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.  Need some ideas?

  • Hit the Student Services Patio and University Union 206, where Student Life has generously provided a myriad of activities for employees to enjoy (Ping Pong Table, Shuffleboard, Horseshoes, Adult Size Tricycles, Scooters, Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, Remote Control Cars, and much more!).
  • Start a pick-up game of kickball in the campus quad (kickball and bases will be provided).
  • Start a pick-up game of sand volleyball in Phoenix Park (volleyballs will be provided).
  • Join Kristy Aoki for a Zumba Class in the Kress Events Center from 12:15 – 12:45 p.m. (Bring Sneakers and ID).
  • Gather your co-workers and go for a walk in the Cofrin Arboretum.
  • Grab your disc, and take advantage of the Disc Golf Course on campus.
  • Take advantage of Shorewood’s lunch special for staff and faculty – Lunch, a drink, and 3 holes of golf for $10. Please call ahead (x2118) to reserve.

And lastly, a reminder to show your Phoenix Pride tomorrow!  Every Friday is Phoenix Friday!  Wear your gear to enjoy 10% off at A’viands dining locations.  The Phoenix Bookstore will also offer a 20% discount on apparel, gifts, and school supplies. Employees can also get a sneak peek on Friday from noon- 4:30 p.m. for the Annual Campus heirloom plant fundraiser for Natural and Applied Sciences!

Employee Stories: Favorite part, experience, or aspect of your position?

In honor of employee appreciation week, employees were asked to “Share their Stories” as a UWGB employee. When asked to name a favorite part, experience, or aspect of their position the following employees wrote:

ETEUBERT“I love being employed at UWGB.  My favorite part is walking up to the Cofrin Library on a sunny summer day. I also love chatting with donors/students/graduating seniors about what they love about UWGB.” Liz Teubert, University Advancement.








PMARCEC“Commencement, without a doubt!”Paula Marcec, Chancellor’s Office.

“Being able to do repair work and improvements for a large group of departments and individuals all around campus.” Wayne Chaloupka, Facilities Management.


KOROLL, JENNIFER“My favorite part of my position is the people I get to work with in the Adult Degree Program. All of the staff in the Adult Degree Program work incredibly hard and are excellent at helping each other out at a moment’s notice. I don’t think I would enjoy my job nearly as much if it weren’t for my colleagues. They get me laughing all the time and keep a smile on my face.” Jennifer Koroll, Outreach and Adult Access.






WILDE“I loved setting up for Bay Fest back when we had it on campus. It was fun! My favorite part of my position is the people, and I like to clean so it looks nice for them to enjoy.” Colleen Wilde, University Union.





DDELBECCHI“One of my favorite parts of my role has to be the student interaction and the committees I serve for. I love having the opportunity to lead sessions on student employment or PRO training to current or prospective students or to get out from behind my desk and mingle with other staff and faculty. I love that my role allows for so much collaboration on a daily basis!” Diana Delbecchi, Financial Aid.




JTRUCKENBROD“Walking in to work from the parking lot to the Cofrin Library in Spring, Summer & Fall.  This place is so beautiful and I am so grateful to get to work here!” Jolene Truckenbrod, Human Resources.






MEZGER“When I can actually make a difference in whether a student succeeds.” Kim Mezger-Schultz, Disability Services.

ARENDT“Seeing the “A Ha Moments” when working with students who come for academic support when they know that they finally GET IT as well as getting to work with and getting to know my multitude of eclectic tutors each semester.” Sherri Arendt, Tutoring Services.






RICHTER“I love, love, love that my job allows me to work with people across campus and that I get to make connections with so many wonderful people in so many departments.”Jena Richter, Marketing and Communication.

Check back tomorrow for additional positive stories about UW-Green Bay and why it’s great to be a PHOENIX!

Employee Stories: Who or what motivates you to work hard at your job?

In honor of employee appreciation week, employees were asked to “Share their Stories” as a UWGB employee. When asked “Who or what motivates you to work hard at your job?” the following employees wrote:

ECRAVER“I am motivated to succeed and to excel when I feel like I am my colleagues are treated like respected members of a team. No one here is making a tremendous amount of money, so our motivation and inspiration comes from knowing that we are helping our students and our customers and that the work we do is valued and appreciated by the university.”

Eric Craver, Outreach & Adult Access




PMARCEC“My co-workers, the students, just the atmosphere at the University!”

Paula Marcec, Chancellor’s Office






SMACHUCA“Doing what I can to help the faculty, staff and students on campus motivates me.  I enjoy doing what is best for our students.   I feel we are all here to help each student succeed, so we may as well do what we can to help each other.”

Sue Machuca, Phoenix Bookstore




LNIEMI“Working with students with disabilities, there is always something to learn about the students, accommodations, new technology and working with faculty.  Seeing student gain the confidence to grow and achieve their goals is a great motivator to me.”

Lynn Niemi, Disability Services




DDELBECCHI“Surprisingly, Jen Jones motivates me to work hard every day. She isn’t my supervisor or even a direct co-worker, but she has an ability to motivate and inspire others around her like I have never seen before. She radiates positivity and her constant stream of encouragement helps me be a better employee every day. Kudos to the Jen Jones of the world! I love having the opportunity to work with her on projects and collaborations. She is a shining star!”


Diana Delbecchi, Financial Aid


“Feeling appreciated for what I do and treated fairly and with respect.” Dan Moore, Outreach & Adult Access.

“I was a first-generation college student who was extremely fortunate to receive full scholarship funding for my undergraduate education.  I recognize today what a huge gift that was and feel that in my role today I am paying that gift forward.” Shannon Badura, University Advancement.

 “My coworkers.   I found a family when I started working in the Dean of Students Office.  (I want to give a shout out to Toni Bergeon and Lore Slattery. Love you guys!!)” Amanda Wildenberg, Dean of Students Office.

JTIMM“Thankful student-athletes and coaches make the work worth it.” Jake Timm, Athletics.


JTRUCKENBROD“I enjoy helping people.   We all spend a lot of our lives at work, so whatever each of us can do to make other’s work life better, we should!  It is important to always treat our co-workers, students, and visitors with professionalism, courtesy and respect.” Jolene Truckenbrod, Human Resources






“The people I work with make me want to come to work everyday. No two days are alike and that keeps the job exciting.” Katie Stilp, PEA and DJS.

“I find that the dedicated staff in the Academic Advising Office motivates me to get the transfer student evaluations done as quickly and accurately as possible so that they have the information they need to help our students.”  Mike Kanzenbach, Registrar.

Check back tomorrow to hear what employees have to say is their favorite part, experience, or aspect of their positions at UWGB!

Employee Stories: How were you hired for your position?

In honor of employee appreciation week, employees were asked to “Share their Stories” as a UWGB employee. When asked “Is there a unique story behind how you were hired for your position?” the following employees wrote:


“When I was a senior at UW-Green Bay, I held an internship in the Admissions office and I worked under Jen Jones (Pfundtner then) and Pam Harvey-Jacobs. I ended up doing more work than a typical intern and was rewarded with an unexpected stipend at the end of the year. Now, I have been working in higher education admissions and enrollment for the past 9 years and it all started because of my college internship and having the opportunity and privilege of working with Jen and Pam in the Admissions office.”

Jennifer Koroll, Outreach & Adult Access




“I am a former graduate of the Human Development/Psychology department so I knew the quality of the program and many fellow teachers. It is such a wonderful opportunity to be working alongside them!”

Jennifer Smith, Human Development

Check back tomorrow to hear about Who or What motivates employees to work hard at their job!

CURRENT: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Walk a Mile

Group Activity: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes    

Event Basics:

When: Saturday, May 9, 2015 10 a.m. Registration 11 a.m. Walk

Where: Hagemeister Park 325 N Washington St Green Bay, WI  54301

Fee: $20 Online registration $25 At the door

Register Online

Event Overview:
Are you man enough? Current has setup a team to encourage our members to join this effort to support our corporate member, Golden House. What’s the most macho way to take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault? Try walking a mile in high heels. You think that’s funny? We challenge you to give it a try. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is the international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. In Green Bay, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes will benefit the Brown County Community Coordinated Response Team (CCR) a partnership formed by Golden House, Family Services, the Sexual Assault Center and other key community organizations with the mission of raising awareness of, and preventing domestic violence and sexual assault. Male walkers can borrow a pair of our man-sized high heels available on a first come, first served basis or you can bring a pair of your own. Our lady walkers are encouraged to enjoy the comfort of their own walking shoes.


Pictured at last year’s event from left to right: Paul Gazdik, Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach, Brown County District Attorney David Lasee, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, Current program manager Brian Johnson and Tony Oczus of The Libertine.

CURRENTGolden House

Check out the Current website for other upcoming events!


Employee Appreciation Week Winners!

EMPL APPRECIATION 2015As part of Employee Appreciation Week, celebrated May 11- 15, employees across campus were entered into a drawing for daily preferred parking and free lunch with campus leadership. And the winners are… Drumroll please…

Daily Preferred Parking:

Monday, May 11, 2015

  • Andrea Felmer
  • Robin Kepler
  • Lynn Brandt

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

  • Tina Tackmier
  • Eric Craver
  • Carl Graf

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

  • Amanda Hruska
  • Dan Moore
  • Jake Timm

Thursday, May 14, 2015

  • Lynn Niemi
  • Jena Richter
  • Jan Malchow

Friday, May 15, 2015

  • Toni Bergeron
  • Amy Henniges
  • Wayne Chaloupka

Lunch with Leadership (Friday, May 15, 2015):

  • Christin DePouw
  • Josh Goldman
  • Monika Pynaker
  • Tina Tackmier
  • Liz Teubert

Congratulations to all the winners!  Winners will be contacted directly with information on parking or lunch details.

Check out the HR blog for full details on all Employee Appreciation Week events.  Thank you for all you do!

“There’s No UWGB without U!”

Farewell to Dana Daggs



With sadness, we announce the departure of Dana Daggs, Human Resources Manager.  Dana joined the HR staff in 2011 and most recently handled unclassified personnel actions, immigration, and various other HR tasks.  Dana will be leaving us to pursue a new career as a Medical Education Coordinator for the Medical College of Wisconsin, housed at St. Norbert College. With warm regards we wish Dana great success in her new position, but will greatly miss her cheerful, fun loving, and highly organized spirit in HR. Dana’s last day is this Friday, May 8th.

Red, White & Brew: Beer vs. Wine Tapas Pairing


Event Basics
When: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
5 p.m. Registration, networking and cash bar
6 p.m. First course served
8 p.m. Conclusion
Where: Badger State Brewing Co.
990 Tony Canadeo Run
Green Bay, WI  54304
Fee: $25 Members of Current$35 Nonmembers of Current

Free with 2015 All-Inclusive Events Package – Learn More

Event Overview Red, White & Brew: Beer vs. Wine Tapas PairingIt’s a Battle Royale to settle the dispute that has been brewing (pun intended) for quite some time, does wine or beer pair better with food?

We’ve arranged tapas pairings that will feature four courses of different and distinct types of food, each artistically paired with a wine sample from Captain’s Walk Winery and a beer sample from Badger State Brewing Company.

As each course is served, our wine and beer experts will share insights about the flavors offered by each of their offerings and how they enhance the overall quality of the food pairing experience.

Leave your bias at the door as this is an evening designed for culinary exploration, to push you from your palate comfort zone and to try a spectrum of flavors that will make your mouth burst with eccentricity.

Register: Register OnlineTo ensure proper membership pricing for Current or an events package enrollment, please use the email address we have on file for you when registering online. There is a 96-hour cancellation policy.