Winter Break Fitness Challenge – Week Two

During week two, 23 entries were submitted from employees who exercised at the Kress Events Center!  One entry slip was randomly picked to win a prize, and Crystal Williams is the winner for week two!  Congratulations!  This challenge ends this coming Sunday, January 21st, so there is still time to visit the Kress and enter the drawing!  Don’t let the cold weather keep you down – get up and give your body a workout!  You’ll be glad you did.


Winter Break Fitness Challenge – Week One

Twenty-nine employees exercised at the Kress Events Center last week during our first week of the Winter Break Fitness Challenge!  Great job!  One entry slip was randomly picked to win a prize, and Andy Wenig is the winner for week one!  Congratulations!  There are two more weeks left of the challenge:

  • January 8th to 14th
  • January 15th to 21st

Grab your tennies and your University ID card and head over to the Kress – you’ll feel better and have more energy this winter, and maybe win a prize! :)


Prescription changes for 2018

State health insurance program participants: Just a reminder of the following changes to prescription benefits for 2018:Prescription

  • CVS Pharmacy (including Target) and certain out-of-state pharmacies will no longer be in-network
  • Certain over-the-counter medications will no longer be covered (such as steroid nasal sprays (Flonase®) and medication to treat heartburn (Prilosec®))
  • Lumicera and UW Specialty Pharmacy are replacing Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy as the preferred specialty pharmacy. Level 4 preferred drugs (specialty medications) must be filled at one of these pharmacies.
  • Serve You is replacing WellDyneRx as the mail order pharmacy. Navitus mailed information to affected members, and we would need to register with Serve You DirectRX Pharmacy Mail Service by calling them at 1-800-481-4940.  (Prescriptions that still have refills available will transfer over.)
  • New discount drug list– Prescriptions that are not covered by the pharmacy benefit may be available at a discounted rate. This may include drugs for infertility, weight loss, cosmetic or other lifestyle needs as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Find in-network pharmacies and formulary lists on the Navitus website, or call Navitus at 1-866-333-2757 with questions.

Winter Break Fitness Challenge

Tuesday, January 2nd to Sunday, January 21st  

It’s BAAACK…the Winter Break Fitness Challenge for faculty and staff returns!  Whether you frequent the Kress or have yet to visit, NOW is your time to do so while working towards weekly prizes!

All employees have FREE UNLIMITED access to the Kress Events Center over the Winter Break time period.

To Participate:

  1. Visit the Kress during business hours and check-in at the front desk (campus ID and a second pair of shoes required)
  2. Complete an entry slip for the Winter Break Fitness Challenge, and put your slip in the bucket.
  3. You can complete one entry slip each time you visit the Kress during the Winter Break Fitness Challenge!

All entry slips will be put in for a weekly drawing:Kress

  • Week one: January 2nd to 7th
  • Week two: January 8th to 14th
  • Week three: January 15th to 21st

Here are the Kress Events Center hours over winter break:

  • Mondays through Fridays: 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Sundays: 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Please note that the Kress Events Center will be closed on Monday, January 15th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What can I do at the Kress? Check out the Kress website at http://www.uwgb.edu/kress/ for some great ideas!

Last year employees submitted 122 entry slips over winter break – let’s see if we can exceed that this year!

Winter Wellness Bingo Challenge

2018The Wellness committee is offering Winter Bingo as our next healthy challenge! All faculty and staff are invited to participate in the challenge the month of January. There are 24 health and wellness activities for you to choose from. You are able to pick the day in which you complete each activity, and only one activity is allowed per day. To qualify for a chance to win a prize, a minimum of 20 activities must be completed within the month of January.  Please click here for the Winter bingo card: http://www.uwgb.edu/UWGBCMS/media/hr/Wellness%20Items/Winter-2018-wellness-BingoCard.pdf

SnowmanWinter Bingo begins January 1, 2018 and ends January 31, 2018. Completed forms can be e-mailed to the Wellness committee at wellness@uwgb.edu or hand-in to the Human Resources front desk in the Cofrin Library, 7th floor, room 710 by Friday, February 9, 2018.

Challenge your co-workers to join in the fun and do some of the activities together!  Share pics of you and your co-workers completing the activities by emailing them to wellness@uwgb.edu.  Begin the new year by making healthy choices and then enjoy your increased energy level, positive outlook, and improved health in 2018!


New Health Insurance ID Cards

SGHcardState group health insurance program participants: Watch your mail if you changed health plans – your new health insurance ID card will be arriving at your home soon from the health plan you chose during the Annual Benefits Enrollment period. If you did not change health plans, you can continue using your same health insurance ID card. Before seeing your health care providers in 2018, check to make sure they are in-network by visiting your health plan’s online provider directory (Wisconsin map with health care provider directories: http://etf.wi.gov/members/IYC2018/et-2107hpm.asp).  Please contact us at payrollandbenefits@uwgb.edu if you have any questions.

Strive Toward Happiness in Your Career

No matter where you are currently on the job satisfaction scale, motivation experts note a few simple actions can help you fall in love with how you earn your living—whether your outlook just needs a little tuning or a major overhaul. Take these steps to push away stress and find happiness in your career:Happy

  1. Acknowledge what works. No job is perfect, or all bad. Jot down aspects of your job you enjoy or benefit from. Find at least one positive each day to add to the list.
  2. Get clear on the big picture. If you aren’t sure how your effort contributes to the overall goals of your work team or company, ask. The feeling you’re just spinning your wheels can drain even the most upbeat worker.
  3. Identify your strengths. No one is good at everything! Are you a leader? An implementer? Do you thrive on detail work? Are you great with people? Learn what tasks or work styles give you a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Fine-tune what you have. Once you know your strengths, adjust your work life to play to them. Can you delegate certain tasks? Mentor someone? Master a new skill? Ask for new responsibilities? Working your strengths instead of continually fighting your weaknesses will add energy to your day.
  5. Write down your goals. Falling in love with your work is closely related to falling in love with your life. What is your deepest purpose? Write it down, then start strategizing to align your career goals with it. Knowing why you’re working is a surefire way to put a spring in your step.
  6. Clean up the mess. Disorganization can leave you frazzled. Clear work area clutter, then consider other messes in your life—especially financial ones, such as debt. To reduce stress, track spending to see where your hard-earned dollars go. Even if the truth hurts, once you do, you become freer to create a budget that’s in line with your purpose and goals.

Article from the StayWell Company, LLC

StayWell website down starting December 23rd


Due to preparation for the 2018 program year, the StayWell wellness portal will not be available after December 23, 2017 through early January 2018.

Continue working on your health goals
Try one or more of the confidential StayWell services available to you through December 22, 2017, like Self-Directed Coaching, the Mindfulness Series and more. For more information on the resources available, log in to wellwisconsin.staywell.com.

Watch for 2018 program information
Information on the 2018 Well Wisconsin Program will be coming to you in January.  Watch your mail for your Well Wisconsin Program brochure which will contain all the details on earning your 2018 incentive.

December Wellness Webinar: Celebrate with Energy and Cheer

The holidays are fast approaching and you might be feeling excited and anxious at the same time. Past experience shows you head back to work after the holidays feeling a bit drained instead of energized. Join us for this webinar for tips on truly celebrating with energy and cheer through the New Year.

Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2017HolidayShopping

Time: 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

Location: Cofrin Library, 7th floor, room 735

No need to RSVP – just mark your calendar to join us, and bring your lunch!

You could also participate in this webinar at your workstation if you prefer – please visit wellwisconsin.staywell.com and go to Webinars to register.

Wellness webinars highlighting various health and well-being topics will take place the 3rd Wednesday of each month. All webinars will be recorded and available to Well Wisconsin Program participants on the wellness portal after the event date.

To access the wellness portal, you must be an employee, retiree, or enrolled spouse/domestic partner enrolled in the State of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program.