LinkedIn Learning April Challenge: Let’s Talk Communicaton

LinkedIn Learning April Challenge: Let’s Talk Communication

Communication is at the heart of everything we do – in the workplace, in social situations, and in relationships. Effective communication helps us understand and be understood, strengthens relationships, and improves productivity. While some may think strong communication is a natural talent, it is a life skill that everyone can learn.

This month, we’re excited to launch LinkedIn Learning’s April Challenge, kicking off April 13th, which will give you the tools you need to be a clear and confident communicator, an active listener, and a great teammate.

Challenge yourself to participate every day – each one takes ~5 minutes or less. To keep yourself on track, try keeping a journal or print the calendar and initial each day when you’ve completed it. Happy learning!

Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Print or save the April Challenge Calendar
  2. Complete each day’s short LiL learning (~5 mins or less)
  3. Initial each day’s box once you’ve watched the daily video
  4. Share your biggest takeaway to by Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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LinkedIn Learning March Celebrating Women Challenge Participants

Thank you to all those who participated in the LinkedIn Learning March Celebrating Women Challenge. Employees who participated in this challenge were asked to watch a short video each day and then send us their biggest takeaways. Here is what they learned:

Pieter deHart – Motherhood intensifies performance bias; Listing PTA coordinator on a resume yields a 79% decrease in likelihood for an individual to be hired or promoted, and yields a lower salary than those who do not list it. Maternal bias is the strongest of the gender biases.

Donna Mleziva – Attribution bias. Using meeting agendas wisely for meetings is a practical takeaway. Distributing the agenda in advance makes meeting so much more productive especially when times are set for each item. Conflict being part of the process to come up with better solutions is something that can also be set aside.

Denise Baeten – Confirmation Bias, Females want continuous improvement, Women are interrupted more.

Kimberlee McKeefry – We all have unconscious bias. Men and women saying/doing the same things are viewed/judged differently.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the March Challenge.

2021-2022 Leadership Green Bay Sponsorship

Each year, the University sponsors one employee to participate in the Leadership Green Bay program.  This program was established in 1983 by the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and offers select individuals the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills while enhancing the well-being of the Green Bay area. Program goals include enhancing the participant’s knowledge of the Green Bay community; obtaining a greater awareness of issues that face the Green Bay area; enhancing leadership skills; and making an impact on the Green Bay Community.

The cohort professionals gather once a month October through May (following an overnight retreat in September) to learn about social issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the Green Bay area, get exposure to relevant leadership education and skills, and become community stewards. Each monthly gathering has a specific focus (from local government to education to the economy), and learners are immersed in a full-day interactive lesson that includes guest speakers, team-building exercises, and networking. The program culminates by participants organizing into teams, identifying social or public opportunities, and working on community projects that are designed to raise awareness of an issue, improve team skills, and effect change.

All UW-Green Bay employees are eligible to express interest in being considered.  Supervisors are also encouraged to nominate employees for participation in this program. If nominating an employee, please notify this person to determine if they are willing to participate before submitting.  After the deadline, one employee will be selected by the Position Review Committee, and will asked to complete the application materials representing UW-Green Bay.

In order to express interest in participation, or to nominate an employee, please complete the Interest Form. This form should be filled out and signed by the employee, their supervisor, and the Dean/Division Head (if applicable).  Completed forms must be received in the Human Resources office by Friday, April 23rd for full consideration.

You are also welcome to visit for more information about this program.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources at (920) 465-2390 or


LinkedIn Learning February Black Lives Matter Challenge Participants

Thank you to all those who participated in the LinkedIn Learning February Black Lives Matter Challenge. Employees who participated in this challenge were asked to watch a short video each day and then send us their biggest takeaways. Here is what they learned:

Lea Truttman – Be positive! Someone should be “devil’s advocate” for ideas. Never make a decision based on how you feel.

Denise Baeten – Be positive. Look at all ideas with critical eye.

Donna Mleziva – Listening to understand instead of listening to respond. It is very easy to listen to respond in our fast paced interactions while working remotely. The platinum rule is important when interacting with people.

Tammy Olp – Have conversations with individuals from other generations as we can all learn from each other.

Pieter deHart – The Platinum Rule: Treat people how they wish to be treated (vs. the Golden Rule).

Nichole LaGrow – From the “Banish Your Inner Critic to Unleash Creativity” video, Nichole can see the power of sharing these strategies with students when they are working on papers.

Jolene Truckenbrod – Don’t take things personally & put focus on what the other person is feeling/experienced.

Laura Nolan – To be humble, stay focused on the person, and listen.

Lindsay Martens – think of my ideas (even if not perfectly or fully formed) as a potential to spark a foundation of thought for my colleagues.

Brad Gajeski – Gossip spreads quickly and only people that hear the gossip hear a version.

Sarah Chaloupka – Benefits of Self-Care, Separate self from emotions of change, more reasons self-care is important.

Kassandra Linzmeier – Simply ask how people like to be communicated with. Even though I am most comfortable with email, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Some people much rather prefer getting a phone call instead.

Tammy Clausen – Platinum Rule vs Golden Rule – Treat others the way THEY want to be treated. Everyone has a culture/lens on how they understand and communicate with others.  It is important to understand the cultures of others when communicating with them.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the February Challenge.

LinkedIn Learning March Challenge: Celebrating Women

LinkedIn Learning March Challenge: Celebrating Women

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In some countries, the entire month of March is declared Women’s History Month to highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

This month, to honor women inside and outside of the workplace, we’re excited to launch LiL’s March Challenge, kicking off March 9th. We’ll explore gender bias, its impact, and how to support & empower women at work.

Challenge yourself to participate every day – each one takes ~5 minutes or less. To keep yourself on track, try keeping a journal or print the calendar and initial each day when you’ve completed it. Happy learning!

Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Print or save the March Challenge Calendar
  2. Complete each day’s short LiL learning (~5 mins or less)
  3. Initial each day’s box once you’ve watched the daily video
  4. Share your biggest takeaway to by Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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LinkedIn Learning Initiatives – Spring 2021

As announced on November 18th, UW-Green Bay is excited to be partnering with Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning. Among other benefits, this collaboration will allow us to provide free and timely professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff. Chancellor Alexander and the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity are delighted to announce two initiatives which will develop shared campus-wide experiences in learning and professional development:

1. In an effort to strategically enhance shared learning across the University community, each semester leadership will select 1-2 learning modules to align with the mission, vision, and strategic priorities of the University. The entire faculty and staff population is asked to participate in these learning modules and topics may guide campus conversation during each particular semester.

For the 2021 spring semester, the topics of service mindset and sustainability were chosen, and the following modules created:

All employees are invited to participate in these two learning modules by June 1, 2021. In order to participate, you may either select the links above, or log in to your homepage at LinkedIn Learning. After you arrive at your homepage, select “From your org” and the modules will show up in a list for you.

These learning opportunities may be completed on work time and supervisors should encourage employees to participate. At the end of the semester, the HR Office will be providing metrics on completion of these courses to Dean/Division Leaders so that participation can be celebrated in evaluations and other departmental recognition efforts. If you don’t complete a module, it will not be held against you in any way. The intent is work on the honor system to improve together as a campus community.

2. Watch for LinkedIn Learning challenges communicated to the entire faculty/staff community through the HR Connect weekly newsletter and blog. Each month, we will publish a calendar of short videos around a specific topic, and ask participating employees to submit a short email at the end of the month identifying their biggest takeaway from the challenge content. The February topic was Black History Month. More information about the February challenge can be found here. Employees who submit their response will receive a shout-out on the HR Office’s social media accounts as well as an email of recognition to their supervisor. The March Challenge will be focused on International Women’s Day, and will be announced in the HR Connect newsletter and blog on Thursday, March 4th.

We are excited about the opportunities that this collaboration with LinkedIn Learning provides for our campus. Please watch for further information in common institutional communication channels (i.e. HR Connect, LOG, etc.). For questions about accessing LinkedIn Learning or the two initiatives outlined within this email, please don’t hesitate to contact Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390.

LinkedIn Learning February Challenge: Black History Month

This month, Black History Month, celebrates the achievements and impact of African Americans in the U.S. and across the world. During this time, we recognize and pay homage to the contributions, innovations, and trailblazers within the black community that have elevated the fields of business, technology, art, music, and science. In celebration of Black History Month, we invite you to participate in LinkedIn Learning’s BHM Challenge, kicking off February 9th, where we’ll be spotlighting some of the incredible courses taught by black authors. Challenge yourself to participate each day and to discover new courses. Each day’s activity can be completed in ~5 minutes. Initial each day when you’ve completed to keep yourself on track. Happy learning!

Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Print or save the February Challenge Calendar.
  2. Complete each day’s short LinkedIn Learning video (~5min or less)
  3. Initial each day’s box once you’ve watched the daily video
  4. Share your biggest takeaway to by Thursday, March 3.

Access the LinkedIn Learning page.

Get the February Challenge Calendar with the links to each video.

Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program

The University is pleased to offer an exclusive Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program available to five UW-Green Bay supervisors seeking professional development.

Build your leadership skills, fulfill your potential and enhance the capabilities of your department with a program designed to advance careers. Five supervisors will be selected to begin this program with $600 in expenses for materials and other items charged to their department.

To earn the UW-Green Bay Supervisory Leadership Certificate participants must complete eight courses:

    • Core Course:  Developing Yourself and Others (3-hour interactive virtual session and 3+ hours self-paced online study)
    • Five topic courses: (each class has a 3-hour interactive virtual session and 3+ hours self-paced online study)
      • Coaching for Performance
      • Change Management-Leading Through Change
      • Creating Cultural Transformation
      • Interpersonal Communication-From Collaboration to Conflict Resolution
      • Helping Your Team Achieve Optimal Organizational Management
    • UW-Green Bay Human Resources’ Supervising for Success (2-day class)
    • Capstone Course:  Developing an Action Plan

For more information about the courses and dates for 2021, please see here. Participants will have three years to complete the program. Approximately $600 in expenses for course materials and other items will be charged to the department. Supervisors are encouraged to discuss the cost with Division Heads/Area Leaders if funding is a barrier to participation.

If interested in being considered for this program, please complete the top section of the Interest Form and forward electronically to your supervisor.  Next level supervisors should review and complete their portion of the form, and forward to the Area Leader no later than December 4, 2020.  Forms will be forwarded to the Position Review Committee for consideration, and decisions made on attendees will be communicated to employees and supervisors in mid-December.

Please visit the Leadership Development website for more information regarding professional development opportunities for supervisors.

The Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program is a collaboration between Continuing Education & Community Engagement (CECE) and UW-Green Bay Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity. If you have questions about the Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program, please feel free to contact Judy Price at or (920) 366-8328.


Impact Leadership Program – Seeking Applications


The Impact Leadership Program recognizes the critical role of UW-Green Bay employees in preparing the institution to serve as a model for the University of the Future. As an institution of higher learning, we recognize that great leaders are the result of great talent, great educations, and great organizational culture. In the spirit of this vision, the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity and the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business are collaborating to offer the Impact Leadership Program to support one university employee interested in completing the Cofrin School of Business’ executive Impact MBA program.

Employees are encouraged to review the Impact Leadership Program Guidelines for more information about eligibility and process for application. Interested employees must return the Impact Leadership Program Interest Form to their Area Leader no later than Friday, July 3, 2020. For questions about the Impact Leadership Program interest form submission process, please contact

APPLY NOW: SpeakOut Summer Institute

The UW-Green Bay Council on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence, and the Office of the Provost, wish to share an opportunity to attend SpeakOut’s Summer Institute, a virtual institute on building equity and social justice education to create inclusive learning environments on campus and online. As people nationwide demand systemic change, and as campuses adapt to the impact of the pandemic, UW-Green Bay asks how those of us working in the arena of higher education can transform our institutions and learning environments.

Monday, July 13, 2020, 12pm – 3:00pm (CT)
Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 12pm – 2:30pm (CT)
Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 12pm – 2:30pm (CT)
Thursday, July 16, 2020, 12pm – 2:30pm (CT)

What You’ll Learn:
• Pedagogy/Theory: Education for wholeness, social justice, and liberation
• Capacity-Building: Faculty and staff development that strengthens leadership and sustainability
• Equity in a Digital Age: Tools for inclusive and accessible online learning
• Institutional Strategies: How to implement equitable education and social change
• Intercultural Frameworks: Culturally-responsive models and ideas that foster rich, meaningful dialogue and collaboration
• Student Development: Provide student access to knowledge that transforms their sense of self and what they can do in the world

This opportunity is open to all UW-Green Bay faculty and staff.  We want to support a broad representation of all areas within the university.

To learn more visit: SpeakOut Summer Institute

UW-Green Bay Council on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence and the Office of the Provost wish to send a large, representative group of staff and faculty to the institute. We will follow up with all interested employees shortly after the survey closes.   If you would like to be considered, please fill out the following Qualtrics survey.

Be sure to complete the sign-up form by 06-22-2020: Apply to attend SpeakOut’s Summer Institute

For additional questions, please contact the Provost Office at