Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program – Spring 2023

The Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement is pleased to offer the Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program to any UW-Green Bay supervisor who is seeking professional development. The next cohort for this program begins on February 9, 2023!

Build your leadership skills, fulfill your potential and enhance the capabilities of your department with a program designed to advance careers. Supervisors can complete this program with only $299 in expenses for materials and other items charged to their departmental funds. Supervisors are encouraged to discuss the cost with Division Heads/Area Leaders if funding is a barrier to participation. There is no limit to the amount of supervisors who are able to enroll.

To earn the UW-Green Bay Supervisory Leadership Certificate participants must complete eight courses:

Feb 9 – Core Course: Understanding Your Strengths and the Strengths of Others (8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)

March 10 – Topic Course: Developing an Adaptive Leadership Mindset

March 23 – Topic Course: Helping Your Team Achieve Organizational Management 

April 13 – Topic Course: The Roadmap to High Performing Teams 

May 11 – Conflict Resolution Rather than Toxic Drama

May 25 – Capstone Course:  Developing an Action Plan

Classes will be held on Zoom from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

Full course descriptions can be found at this link:

If you have questions about the Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program or would like to enroll, please contact Christopher Ledvina at or (920) 465-2164.

Please visit the Supervisor Toolkit for more information regarding professional development opportunities for supervisors.

January LinkedIn Learning: New Year, New Skills!

LinkedIn Learning can help you with some of your resolutions for 2023:

Get fit and healthy – Looking for ways to stay committed to the gym or a new exercise class? Making Big Goals Achievable will help you break up large aspirations into smaller actions to keep you on track!


Get organized – We all find ourselves trying to do more in the time we have. Prioritizing Your Tasks will empower you to stay organized and


Spend less, save more Managing Your Personal Finances walks you through the nitty gritty of earning, spending, and saving to help make 2023 your best financial year yet.


Enjoy life to the fullest – Our Happiness Tips and Creating an Amazing Life courses provide great guidance on how to enjoy a life filled with meaning and happiness!


December LinkedIn Learning: Invest in YOU For The New Year!

Create learning goals for yourself to boost your own self-development – both at work and in your personal life.  Here are some suggestions to get you started!

Career Development

Work/Life Balance

Teaching with Technology


November LinkedIn Learning: Gratitude

With so much to be grateful for, we encourage you to take a moment and reflect with LinkedIn Learning.

Ready to take your gratitude practice to the next level? Grab your headphones, find a quiet spot, and listen to the 12-minute video, Nourishing a Grateful Heart, to learn more about the importance of savoring our moments and feeling the sweetness of gratitude that allows us to arrive most fully in our lives.

Kepro Recorded Trainings

Did you miss the Fall 2022 Kepro Trainings? Don’t worry! You can still access them and watch the recordings on our Human Resources, Learning and Development – Training & Professional Development page.

You can also find previous recorded Kepro trainings from Spring 2022 on the same page!

For direct access to the Fall 2022 Kepro Trainings, you can use the links provided below:

Have questions or suggestions on training topics for next Spring? Let us know! You can email with questions or suggestions.

Announcing New Employee HR Orientation

Our HR Talent Acquisition Team is working hard to enhance our onboarding program for new employees. We are in the final stages of developing an HR Orientation session that will include a headshot photo provided by Marketing & University Communication, a presentation from our Talent Team about UW System and UW Green Bay, along with a condensed employee-centered campus tour led by Admissions.

We will be holding HR Orientation sessions twice a month on the 2nd floor of the Cofrin Library on Wednesdays, with our kick off session on Wednesday, November 2nd. The first Wednesday of the month, the session will be from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm and the third Wednesday of the month will be from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. These sessions are for new, ongoing University Staff, Academic Staff, and Limited employees at this time and HR will be sending out individual invitations to the sessions for each new employee. For our first session, November 2nd, we will be inviting those employees who have started since August 23rd (the day after Phoenix Orientation). After the first session, we will invite those employees who have start dates that land between our sessions dates.

October LinkedIn Learning: Practice Self-Learning with Podcast-Style Lessons

It’s PSL Season… time to Practice Self-Learning with Podcast-Style Lessons!

Pumpkin Spice Latte or not, grab your favorite morning beverage and settle in with LinkedIn Learning to start your day. In under 20 minutes, these audio-only courses aim to help you overcome fear, build courage, manage anxiety, and more to tackle any situation thrown your way:

We encourage you to listen to at least one of these training by the end of the month. Happy learning!

Save the Date: Be Positive

Save the Date!

Kepro-WI is excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming session on Be Positive delivered by subject matter expert, Shannon Leslie, a sought-after professional with years of experience in this topic. Shannon Leslie will give you the opportunity to engage directly with all of your questions and comments will be responded to in a manner which is appropriate for this session. We are excited to bring you this session and are confident that you will find it well worth your time.

Session Description:
Although not everyone believes in the power of positive thinking, it is a field that has been utilized by countries around the world, for centuries. Today, scientists understand why the attitudinal approach — positive versus negative energy, dramatically impacts us, as well as our relationships with others. In this class, we will discuss our ability to benefit from the power of positive thinking by making changes to our thought process and perspective.

Topic: Be Positive
Client: State of WI – UW Green Bay
Date/Time: 10/19/2022 10:00 AM, America/Chicago
ID: KEPRO100405

Click Here to Attend

Audio conference:
United States Toll: +1-408-418-9388
Access Code: 26327519275

Password: x6S53n5xEWP

Meet your Facilitator: Shannon Leslie

Shannon Leslie is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Kansas, who has worked in the child welfare system for eight and a half years. She has worked with individuals, adolescents, parents, couples, and families who have experienced trauma, relational, mental health, substance abuse, and other concerns.  Shannon has gained valuable knowledge over several child welfare roles throughout her career. One role she describes as “life altering”, was when she transitioned to an in home therapist for a research project partnered through Kansas University. Shannon’s role allowed her to elicit strengths in others to empower positive changes needed to obtain their goals in child welfare.  Through evidence based and strengths based interventions, Shannon successfully helped others reach positive outcomes.  Upon completion of the research project, Shannon transitioned to Training Specialist in her organization.

Shannon has been in a training role for five years. Shannon believes what we focus on we grow, positive or negative. She is described as enthusiastic, positive, and engaging. Shannon finds herself passionate when motivating, inspiring, and empowering others through training. Additionally, she enjoys training on empathy, perspective, and the impact we have on others. Shannon’s training role has allowed her to be a support to staff. Shannon often is sought out to help manage conflict, encourage, and retain employees. She is known for being the go to person for motivation and support. She has successfully planned and executed employee appreciation events for over 800 employees.

Shannon received her Bachelors from University Missouri-Kansas City and her Masters from Friends University. Shannon has held certifications as a Parent Management Training-Oregon Model therapist, trainer, and coach (5 years). She has completed Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and has been a committee member for the Kansas Governors Conference and Community Violence Action Committee-COMVAC (3 years). Shannon enjoys spreading kindness and is invested in making positive change occur through training and her interactions with others.

Save the Date: Creating a Great Place to Work in Ten Easy Steps

Save the Date!

Kepro-WI is excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming session on Creating a Great Place to Work in Ten Easy Steps delivered by subject matter expert, Diane Pulleyblank, a sought-after professional with years of experience in this topic. Diane Pulleyblank will give you the opportunity to engage directly with all of your questions and comments will be responded to in a manner which is appropriate for this session. We are excited to bring you this session and are confident that you will find it well worth your time.

Session Description:
This seminar will teach participants a vision of the ten steps needed to create a great place to work, because who doesn’t want to come to work every day and love where they are and what they do? Participants will come out of this class with a clear vision of not only what a healthy work environment looks like but also how to create it in their workplace. This will be a step-by-step process. To make it work, an investment must be made by each and every person.

Topic: Creating a Great Place to Work in Ten Easy Steps
Client: State of WI – UW Green Bay
Date/Time: 11/9/2022 10:00 AM, America/Chicago
ID: KEPRO100406

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Audio conference:
United States Toll: +1-408-418-9388
Access Code: 26344557308

Password: WETfd652rXM

Meet your Facilitator: Diane Pulleyblank

Diane has been actively working in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. For 10 years she was General Manager of a large multi-sport health club, (10,000 members, 170,000 square feet, 300 staff) and was responsible for all aspects of running and managing a successful multi-million dollar business. She was an Associate Professor at Barnard College as well as a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise.

Diane has presented a multitude of webinars, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of health, wellness and managerial development topics, a few of which are Resilience, Stress Management, Creating a Healthy Workplace, Managing Difficult People, Coping with Organizational Change, Conquering Fear and Anxiety, Healthy Aging and How to Talk to Your Physician. Her multi-day workshops include Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching, Senior Fitness, and Exercise Analysis and Design.

She is the author of the YMCA Canada Walking Program and is a contributing author to the Journal of Alternative Cancer Care. Diane also developed and implemented a cancer wellness program for a major hospital.  Currently, she is the owner of a company providing wellness consulting, coaching and leadership training to employees, managers and executives. Her love of life and commitment to helping make the world a better place shines through in her trainings.

September LinkedIn Learning: Back to School

Get inspired and start learning today! Here are a few courses that will help you hone essential skills to navigate through uncertainty, improve your relationships, communicate effectively, and create positive change.





We encourage you to watch at least one training from every category by the end of the month. Happy learning!