LinkedIn Learning Initiatives – Spring 2021

As announced on November 18th, UW-Green Bay is excited to be partnering with Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning. Among other benefits, this collaboration will allow us to provide free and timely professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff. Chancellor Alexander and the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity are delighted to announce two initiatives which will develop shared campus-wide experiences in learning and professional development:

1. In an effort to strategically enhance shared learning across the University community, each semester leadership will select 1-2 learning modules to align with the mission, vision, and strategic priorities of the University. The entire faculty and staff population is asked to participate in these learning modules and topics may guide campus conversation during each particular semester.

For the 2021 spring semester, the topics of service mindset and sustainability were chosen, and the following modules created:

All employees are invited to participate in these two learning modules by June 1, 2021. In order to participate, you may either select the links above, or log in to your homepage at LinkedIn Learning. After you arrive at your homepage, select “From your org” and the modules will show up in a list for you.

These learning opportunities may be completed on work time and supervisors should encourage employees to participate. At the end of the semester, the HR Office will be providing metrics on completion of these courses to Dean/Division Leaders so that participation can be celebrated in evaluations and other departmental recognition efforts. If you don’t complete a module, it will not be held against you in any way. The intent is work on the honor system to improve together as a campus community.

2. Watch for LinkedIn Learning challenges communicated to the entire faculty/staff community through the HR Connect weekly newsletter and blog. Each month, we will publish a calendar of short videos around a specific topic, and ask participating employees to submit a short email at the end of the month identifying their biggest takeaway from the challenge content. The February topic was Black History Month. More information about the February challenge can be found here. Employees who submit their response will receive a shout-out on the HR Office’s social media accounts as well as an email of recognition to their supervisor. The March Challenge will be focused on International Women’s Day, and will be announced in the HR Connect newsletter and blog on Thursday, March 4th.

We are excited about the opportunities that this collaboration with LinkedIn Learning provides for our campus. Please watch for further information in common institutional communication channels (i.e. HR Connect, LOG, etc.). For questions about accessing LinkedIn Learning or the two initiatives outlined within this email, please don’t hesitate to contact Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390.

New #WhyUWGB Website

As announced on February 9th by Dr. Corey King, Vice Chancellor for University Inclusivity and Student Affairs, one of UW-Green Bay’s EDI strategic goals is to increase and enhance the recruitment and retention of a diverse employee population at UW-Green Bay. To that end, the Council for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is excited to announce a new website, #WhyUWGB, to share with UW-Green Bay employees, and to those who may be seeking employment at UW-Green Bay!

Employees are encouraged to take a look at the new website, and engage in the project by submitting their own testimony and photo. In addition, please share this website as you invite others to consider joining our institution. Council members will manage the page and refresh it periodically with new photos and testimony.  And, the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity will be working to include a link to this page in postings, appointment letters, and other marketing materials.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Faculty and Staff

Consistent with SYS 600-01: Interim: Spring Semester 2021 COVID-19 Testing Requirements, beginning Tuesday, January 19th, any individual who holds a faculty, academic staff, university staff, limited appointment, student employment, employee-in-training, temporary, or project appointment who comes into any UW-Green Bay building once a week or more to conduct business must obtain a negative COVID-19 test through an antigen test, or through a subsequent confirmation test administered not more than 14 days prior to accessing the campus building.

Any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 should follow current University protocols.  Employees who have previously tested positive will not be required to engage in continued testing every two weeks for 90 days after the administration of the positive test.

All employees may obtain testing through UW Green Bay Testing Centers or have the testing administered at a medical service provider of their choice or an alternative testing location. As a reminder, individuals who have any COVID-19 symptoms should not use the on-campus testing option and should contact their medical service provider for immediate confirmation testing.

The Employee Workplace Expectations document has been updated for the spring semester to include these testing requirements. Please see the Phoenix Forward Questions & Answers page for recently added FAQs related to testing.

On-Campus Testing Logistics:

Since testing is a requirement for working on campus, employees expected to work on-campus at least once a week should be allowed to get their biweekly (every other week) tests on work time during their scheduled work hours. Non-symptomatic employees may receive testing on the campuses at the following times/locations:

Green Bay Campus (East Gym located in the Kress Events Center)

    • Schedule a time utilizing the MyPrevea app– *Recommended to schedule 24 hours in advance of test
      • Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
      • Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Employees will need to enter through the exterior door of the East Gym. Please look for COVID-19 Testing signage.

Marinette Campus (Cafeteria)

    • Schedule a time utilizing the MyPrevea app– *Recommended to schedule 24 hours in advance of test
      • Every other Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. starting on January 19th

Manitowoc Campus (Gym)

    • Schedule a time utilizing the MyPrevea app– *Recommended to schedule 24 hours in advance of test
      • Every other Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – revised hours starting on February 9th

Sheboygan Campus (Fine Arts Gallery – Theater Building)

    • Schedule a time utilizing the MyPrevea app– *Recommended to schedule 24 hours in advance of test
      • Every other Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – revised dates/hours starting on February 10th

Daily Self-Assessment:

Employees will be required to confirm acknowledgement of a completed test within the past 14 days along with the date of the most recent test through the Daily Self-Assessment. All employees (including student employees) who are scheduled to be working on campus are required to complete this Daily Self-Assessment prior to arriving to campus each day.

    • The time performing the self-assessment is considered de minimus (insignificant) time and therefore is unpaid in accordance with FLSA.
    • Should the employee not have access to technology needed to complete the assessment, supervisors may allow reporting via telephone. If an employee needs to utilize a telephone reporting process, they should communicate with their supervisor for details on that process.
    • If an employee answered “yes” to any of the assessment questions pertaining to symptoms and engagement in activities, employees should mark the checkbox, complete the remainder of the form, and communicate with their supervisor via email or phone.
      • Employees are not required to disclose to their supervisor the reason they are unable to be on campus.
      • For more information, please see the Daily Self-Assessment website.
    • Please see the updated How To: Employee Screening Questionnaire document for instructions on completing the daily self-assessment.

Should you have questions related to any of the information contained within this e-mail, please feel free to contact Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390.

Executive Assistant for University Leadership

Under general supervision, the Executive Assistant for University Leadership reports to the Chancellor, CBO and Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Strategy, Vice Chancellor for University Inclusivity and Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Executive Director of Marketing & University Communications.  This position provides day-to-day administrative support for the five offices, support to the Risk and Records Management Programs, and to the Council of Trustees. This individual will be responsible for independently performing administrative functions critical to the success of the executive offices in a confidential, time-sensitive, fast-paced environment.  The position is expected to manage small projects, interact with the public, and support the work of the Cabinet.

For further information and position responsibilities, please see the full position announcement.

To ensure consideration, please apply by Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

Single Payroll Project

In an effort to align with Operational Excellence goals of 2020FWD and standardize payroll processes, UW System Administration has made the decision to move forward with a single biweekly payroll for all employees beginning in January 2021. This project will transition all monthly payroll activities to the biweekly payroll calendar, meaning that monthly paid employees will be paid biweekly. At this time, it has been communicated that this change will begin after the Jan. 4 monthly pay date.

Specifically, pay dates for employees transitioning from a monthly to a biweekly payroll are expected to be as follows:

      • Full monthly paycheck 01/04/2021 (pay for month of December)
      • Partial monthly paycheck 02/01/2021 (pay through January 16)
      • First biweekly paycheck 2/11/2021 (pay for January 17 – 30)

For all employees (including those that are currently paid biweekly), paycheck deductions also will be evenly split between biweekly A and B paychecks (24 paychecks/year). Deductions will not be taken on C paychecks (2 paychecks/year). Check out the 2021 biweekly payroll calendar here.

All employees should begin reviewing personal finances to budget for biweekly paychecks and the split deduction schedule. If you have automatic/online payments set up (e.g. mortgage payment, car loan, insurance) you will want to review your monthly finances and prepare for bi-weekly paychecks and split deductions.

A dedicated website to answer employee questions has been created and can be found here. UW System Administration also will begin direct communications to employees the week of Nov. 9. The UW-Green Bay Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity will provide more information to the University community as it is made available.


Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program

The University is pleased to offer an exclusive Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program available to five UW-Green Bay supervisors seeking professional development.

Build your leadership skills, fulfill your potential and enhance the capabilities of your department with a program designed to advance careers. Five supervisors will be selected to begin this program with $600 in expenses for materials and other items charged to their department.

To earn the UW-Green Bay Supervisory Leadership Certificate participants must complete eight courses:

    • Core Course:  Developing Yourself and Others (3-hour interactive virtual session and 3+ hours self-paced online study)
    • Five topic courses: (each class has a 3-hour interactive virtual session and 3+ hours self-paced online study)
      • Coaching for Performance
      • Change Management-Leading Through Change
      • Creating Cultural Transformation
      • Interpersonal Communication-From Collaboration to Conflict Resolution
      • Helping Your Team Achieve Optimal Organizational Management
    • UW-Green Bay Human Resources’ Supervising for Success (2-day class)
    • Capstone Course:  Developing an Action Plan

For more information about the courses and dates for 2021, please see here. Participants will have three years to complete the program. Approximately $600 in expenses for course materials and other items will be charged to the department. Supervisors are encouraged to discuss the cost with Division Heads/Area Leaders if funding is a barrier to participation.

If interested in being considered for this program, please complete the top section of the Interest Form and forward electronically to your supervisor.  Next level supervisors should review and complete their portion of the form, and forward to the Area Leader no later than December 4, 2020.  Forms will be forwarded to the Position Review Committee for consideration, and decisions made on attendees will be communicated to employees and supervisors in mid-December.

Please visit the Leadership Development website for more information regarding professional development opportunities for supervisors.

The Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program is a collaboration between Continuing Education & Community Engagement (CECE) and UW-Green Bay Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity. If you have questions about the Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program, please feel free to contact Judy Price at or (920) 366-8328.


FY 2021 Pay Plan Information

Last fall, Governor Evers and the Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER) approved the Board of Regent proposed 2019-2021 pay plan for UW System employees. This pay plan provides a base rate increase to all eligible employees of 2% in FY20 and 2% in FY21. President Thompson has indicated that Institutions should prepare for the January 2%  increase for FY21 despite statewide fiscal challenges. A final confirmation from Wisconsin State Legislature and UW System Administration is required, and that should occur in the coming weeks.

Despite these uncertainties, we have been asked to make arrangements for a potential pay plan distribution, including determining which employees are eligible under the UW-Green Bay Compensation and Pay Plan Policy and providing that list of eligible employees to UW System Administration to be included in the application of the proposed FY 2021 pay plan.

Eligible employees for the proposed 2% FY 2021 pay plan include faculty, academic staff, limited, university staff, and university staff project appointments in ongoing positions with a budgeted FTE of 50% or greater. Pursuant to the UW-Green Bay Compensation and Pay Plan Policy and other publicized guidelines, the following list represents employees who would be ineligible for pay plan:

    1. Employees paid from provisional, non-budgeted salary lines, including all temporary appointments and positions less than 50% FTE.
    2. Employees represented by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Respective pay increases for pay plan will be negotiated separately through the CBA.
    3. Employees currently under a performance improvement plan.
    4. Employees deemed “unsatisfactory” or “does not meet expectations” in overall level of performance under their most recent performance evaluation.
    5. Ongoing employees with six-months of service or less as of the effective date of pay plan (start date after 6/30/2020)
    6. Employees who have not completed required campus compliance training. Required trainings include:
      • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention (Required every three years)
      • Checkpoint: Data Security & Privacy (Required annually)
      • Protect Children (EDU-WI) (One-time training required at time of hire)
      • Injury and Illness Prevention (EDU) (One-time training required at time of hire)
      • FERPA Basics (One-time training required at time of hire)
      • Touchstone: Tools for an Ethical Workplace (One-time training required at time of hire)
      • Campus Security Authority Training (for employees designated as Campus Security Authority (CSA) only)
    7. Supervisors who do not have completed, up to date evaluations on file for all of their direct reports. The evaluation periods to assess for FY 2021 pay plan are as follows:
      • University Staff: 1/1/2019 – 12/31/2019
      • Non-Instructional Academic Staff / Limited:  7/1/2019 – 6/30/2020
      • Faculty / Instructional Academic Staff: 2018/2019 Academic Year

In order to be eligible for pay plan, eligibility requirements (specifically the required trainings and performance evaluations) must be complete by November 30, 2020.  Please note that as recent provisions of the Harassment and Discrimination Prevention and Data Security trainings by UW Shared Services are not due until mid-January of 2021, eligibility for FY21 pay plan will be assessed based upon previous completion of those two specific trainings.

Human Resources will be assessing eligibility of employees. During the month of November, the HR Office will be sending reminders to employees, supervisors, and Dean/Division Leaders of any missing training and/or performance evaluation requirements. Please make sure to be looking out for these emails over the next month.

If you have questions about the FY 2021 pay plan, please feel free to contact Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390.

Fall and Winter Break Office Hours, University Operations, and Travel Reminders

With the academic fall and winter breaks fast approaching, members of the campus community must remain diligent about protecting themselves from COVID-19 infection while away from campus. Large gatherings and travel are customs of the season for many individuals and families. For the protection of both yourself and others, please remember to follow COVID-19 Safety Practices while engaging in these activities.

The following information is provided to assist employees with their planning for the upcoming months.

Office Hours and University Operations:

Winter Break

Chancellor Alexander has determined that commencing Monday, December 28, 2020, all offices which are able may move to fully remote operations through January 25, 2020. This adjustment should allow for Facilities to implement cleaning and sanitation of all campus buildings and de-densify campus buildings for increased safety. Employees should consult with their supervisors regarding the staffing plan for this period. Campus buildings will still be generally accessible during this time to faculty and staff, and specific information about accessing individual campus buildings will be determined and posted prior to December 24, 2020.

All employees have had to adjust to exceptional times and as our University statistics show, we have exceeded all expectations in maintaining a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. The University continues to receive praise directly from students, parents, and UW System for how well we have done in managing the COVID-19 Crisis. This success has not come without the extraordinary efforts of every employee of UW-Green Bay. It is understood that many employees have been under incredible stress and have had to forgo vacation or other time off to facilitate the operational plan.

With this understanding, the Chancellor has determined that for the dates of December 28, 29 and 30th, all offices may choose to close upon approval from their Area Leader consistent with the UW Green Bay Office Hours and Institutional Closing Policy. Individual employees may elect to work on a day in which their office has been closed under this policy. Employees who elect not to work on the date of an office closure under this policy will be required to take paid leave time if their employment classification provides leave. Employees of essential operational areas should work with their supervisors regarding the scheduling of these areas.

It is hoped that this small respite will allow employees to recharge for entry into 2021.

All-Campus Furlough Day: Friday, November 27, 2020

The University has issued an Institution-Wide Furlough for Friday, November 27, 2020.  All ongoing employees not explicitly exempted from workforce-wide furloughs will be assigned to furlough on that day. In consultation with their supervisor, employees with an exemption from this furlough date may either work remotely (if possible based upon their job responsibilities) or use leave time for that date. Employees in essential operational areas should consult with their supervisors on the scheduling for these areas.

A reminder that all faculty and staff returning to work at the Green Bay Campus are welcomed and encouraged to use the Prevea App to schedule an antigen test on Monday, Nov. 30. Faculty and staff who work on the Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan Campuses should use extreme caution in returning and test with their healthcare provider if they deem necessary to protect their own campus communities. Students returning to the Green Bay Campus will be asked to stop at the Kress Center for testing upon their return from break on Sunday, Nov. 29 and Monday, Nov. 30.

Reminders – Large Gatherings and Events:

Even when gathering with family members, if you are unaware of their COVID-19 exposure, it is critically important that you follow the 3 W’s; Wear your mask / Wash your hands / Watch your distance. If you are attending any group event with individuals from outside your home, you should use face coverings and practice social distancing. Ask yourself whether the activity would place yourself, and subsequently your colleagues and students, at risk of infection. If you are at a large-group activity or event where social distancing is not possible, you do not use face coverings, or are unable to confirm that others in that activity are not infected, you must remain away from University buildings for 14 days from the date of that event.  Please review the CDC Event Planning Guidelines to review whether the you should quarantine from campus. You are encouraged to be conservative in regards to applying this practice, and should work with your supervisor to discuss workplace expectations and the potential for flexible work options. If you have further questions about attending events, please contact Human Resources at

Reminders – Personal Travel:

Prior to any personal travel, you should first review the CDC Travel Guidelines to ensure that the method of travel appropriately protects you from COVID-19 infection. Air travel and other mass transportation continues to dramatically increase your risk of exposure and infection. If you decide to travel, you should make sure that you follow all CDC Travel GuidelinesIn the event that during the trip you were required to remain in close contact (less than six feet) with unknown individuals for periods of time beyond 15 minutes (i.e. airline or other mass transit; lodging in hotels or residence, etc.) in which these guidelines were not required or followed, you will need to remain away from the University for a period of 14 days

Intrastate and interstate travel to private points specific (e.g. to see family members) which is done using private transportation and where lodging occurs at a private residence shall not restrict presence on campus, subject to confirmation that the individual did not have contact with any individual who they know to be COVID-19 infected. Please exercise caution when reviewing your travel plans, and if you have any reason to believe that you may have a risk of exposure or infection to COVID-19, quarantine from the University for 14 days. If possible, work with your supervisor prior to the trip to discuss whether proactive quarantine from campus upon your return is possible. If you have further questions related to travel, please contact Human Resources at .

As a reminder, the University requests that all faculty and staff who become infected, suspected, or exposed-close contact self-report utilizing the COVID-19 Case Report to the Office of COVID-19 Response. In addition, if any employee of the University receives a first-hand report of someone who is infected, suspected or exposed-close contact, they should be referred immediately to the Office of COVID-19 Response and the recipient of the report should complete the COVID-19 Case Report.

The sincere hope is that everyone is able to have a safe and restful season. By following the above safety measures, you can be reassured that you have done everything you can to be able to return to the University safely.

Phoenix Forward – Reminder of Workplace Expectations and Flexible Staffing Options

Workplace Expectations:

While our University is doing exceptionally well in maintaining a safe environment for students and staff, it is important that we not become complacent with our adherence to the COVID 19 Workplace Expectations. It is critically important that all faculty and staff continue to strictly follow the 3 W’s; Wear your mask / Wash your hands / Watch your distance. In addition to following the safety guidelines, it is also necessary that all faculty and staff follow public health principles when not on a campus. If you are attending any group event, you should still use face coverings and practice social distancing; you should continue to consider whether the activity you are participating in would place you, and subsequently your colleagues at risk of infection; and if you engage in an activity where social distancing is not possible or do not use face coverings, you should isolate from campus for 14 days from the date of that event.

Our University has successfully avoided outbreaks and dramatic increases in active COVID-19 Cases because of the dedication and willingness of our faculty and staff in complying with these safety standards, and we will remain able to operate with that continued commitment.

K-12 adjustments, eFMLA and Flexibility:

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity are committed to providing a flexible working environment to facilitate employee work/life balance while still meeting operational needs. The policies and processes referenced on the Phoenix Forward Leave Resources page provide resources for employees to facilitate the exceptional needs they may have if they become infected, suspected, or exposed-close contact to COVID-19. These policies and processes also provide flexibilities given modifications in K12 school delivery, closures and reductions or capacity of day cares, and limits to other day services provided to assist care takers during the COVID-19 event.

Outside of these formal leave policies (COVID-19 leave and eFMLA), if possible based upon departmental operations, supervisors are expected to allow employees options for remote work and/or flexible work schedules in order to accommodate childcare or caregiver responsibilities.

Office Staffing:

With the sudden move of many local K-12s to a virtual setting as well as the community spread of COVID-19 in Brown and surrounding counties, planned staffing for many offices have been disrupted.  While there is a desire to continue to provide as much direct service to the University Community as possible, it is understood that the need for employees to isolate due to infection or exposure to COVID-19 as well as needs of employees to assist with virtual learning may cause staffing issues that were not part of an operational area’s original planning. The priority of any operational area should be the safety of the University Community.

Employees should be reminded to complete the Reporting Form and of the isolation requirements if they become infected, suspected or exposed-close contact. Employees should be supported in their decision to isolate if they believe that they may place others at risk of exposure. The University continues to strongly encourage flexibility with employees who need to provide assistance with virtual learning.  Based on these priorities, office may need to amend their planned hours of on-campus operation. In the event that operational areas need to modify on-campus office hours, the area leader should be noticed of the need for modification. It is requested that any changes are clearly posted at the entrance so that members of the public are aware of these changes. If there are long-term changes to standard office hours, please communicate that change with Marketing & University Communication so that the campus snapshot can be updated as needed.

Antigen Tests Available for Front Line Employees

The University has been able to secure the ability to provide COVID-19 antigen tests to employees who are at risk of exposure based on their job duties.  At-risk employees are those who perform on campus work and engage in frequent face-to-face contact with members of the campus community; have direct and ongoing student contact; or provide essential services on a campus location, and/or are assigned to perform COVID-19 testing for members of the campus community.  Examples of at risk positions include custodians, GBOSS employees, instructors providing face-to-face teaching, and University Police.  Employees who are deemed “at risk of exposure” and desire to have a COVID-19 test can schedule bi-weekly antigen test through the MyPrevea App and have the testing conducted in the turf gym of the Kress Event Center.  There is no requirement that you participate in testing.  Results will be provided to the employee.  Notification of positive antigen tests will be provided to Human Resources who will provide assistance in managing modifications in performance of duties. In the event of a positive antigen test, the employee should immediately contact their medical service provider for follow-up.

At this time testing is only available at the Testing Center located at the Kress Event Center on the Green Bay Campus. The University continues to work with Prevea Health to make antigen tests available at clinics located in Sheboygan, Marinette and Manitowoc,

Because of the limitations of available tests, it is asked that employees limit their testing to once every two weeks.  In the event that additional tests become available more frequent testing and expansion of employees eligible for testing may be implemented.