WRS Statement of Benefits Available

The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Statement of Benefits as of January 1, 2021, is now available on the MyUW portal for employees covered by the WRS in 2020.

To view your statement, log in to the My UW Portal. Launch the Benefit Information app and click on the ETF WRS Statements of Benefits tab.

Your Statement Includes:

  • 2020 earnings and service
  • Updated creditable service
  • Retirement benefit projections (if vested), separation benefit, death benefit
  • Primary beneficiary designation(s)
  • Employee and Employer WRS contributions:
  • For the 2020 plan year, UW System contributed 6.75% of your eligible earnings (for Protectives w/ Social Security the UW System contributed 11.65%)
  • For the 2021 plan year, UW System contributes 6.75% of your eligible earnings (for Protectives w/ Social Security the UW System contributes 11.75%)


Review Your Beneficiaries

Review the primary beneficiary(ies) listed on your WRS statement. If there are no beneficiaries listed, you either don’t have a beneficiary designation on file, or your designation was made before 1998 (beneficiaries added before 1998 are not listed on your statement). It is recommended that you complete a Beneficiary Designation Form if a beneficiary is not listed on your statement.

Death benefits are paid according to the most recent valid beneficiary designation form on file with ETF prior to your death. If no beneficiary designation is on file, death benefits will be paid according to the statutory standard sequence in effect on the date of death. Your beneficiary information does not automatically change when you have a significant life event occur, such as a divorce or a marriage. To add, change or remove beneficiaries complete a Beneficiary Designation form (ET-2320) or Beneficiary Designation-Alternate form (ET-2321). Mail your completed beneficiary designation to ETF at the address listed at the top of the form.


Information on the WRS can be found on the UW System Employee Benefits WRS web page. If you have questions about your statement after reviewing available resources, contact Human Resources at (920) 465-2390 or payrollandbenefits@uwgb.edu.

Source: UW System Human Resources

Payroll Change: Employees Paid Biweekly will have Benefit Deduction Change on April 22nd Paycheck

UW System employees who are paid biweekly will have their benefits deductions split evenly between their biweekly paychecks beginning on the April 22, 2021 paycheck.

Most benefits deductions will be split evenly between biweekly paychecks and included health, dental, vision, and life insurance deductions. In months when there are three paychecks, benefits deductions will not be taken from the third paycheck with the exception of contributions for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403(b) and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) 457.

If you are paid biweekly, take the following action:

If you have automatic payments set up (for example, mortgage, car loan, utilities, etc.), review and adjust your payments to align with your biweekly paycheck amounts.

How you can learn more

Visit the Split Benefits Deductions resources web page where you will find frequently asked questions, budget planning information and the 2021 payroll schedules. Resources are updated periodically to include new information.

Town Hall Meeting for split benefits deductions

A virtual Split Benefits Deductions Town Hall Meeting was held February 16. View the presentation slides and video to learn how your paycheck will be affected and how to prepare for the change.

Presentation Slides
Presentation Video

Savings and Spending Plan Workshops

UW System is partnering with UW Credit Union to help you plan for your paycheck changes. The Savings and Spending Plan (Budget) Workshops will help you create a plan that works for you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 12:00 PM
Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 8:00 AM
Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 5:00 PM

Source: UW System Human Resources

Now Available: Employees can Manage Payroll Direct Deposit Online

Beginning April 5, 2021, UW-Green Bay employees will have the ability to manage their payroll direct deposit online via new Human Resource System self-service functionality.

With the new functionality, it is no longer necessary to submit a paper direct deposit form to add, edit or delete a direct deposit account. Employees can fully manage all aspects of their account online.

Employees will enjoy ease of access and a more efficient direct deposit management tool. The online experience also provides an enhanced experience  on mobile devices and tablets.

To access the new online direct deposit:
1. Log into the My UW Portal
2. On the Payroll Information tile, click the Update Direct Deposit button

For resources on how to add, edit or delete a direct deposit account, see Direct Deposit Help.

Upcoming Changes to the UW Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program

The UW Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403(b) Program, a supplemental retirement program, is working on enhancements in 2021. As a part of the process, UW System and the TSA Review Committee have carefully reviewed the program, including the current providers, investments, and communications with the following objectives in mind:

    • Simplify the enrollment process
    • Communicate with participants in a clear and engaging manner
    • Streamline the program while continuing to provide leading provider(s) and proven investments

There is no action you need to take at this time. We will keep you updated as enhancements are finalized and implemented throughout 2021. For the most up-to-date information on TSA Program changes, visit the UW TSA 403(b) Program Enhancements page.

Source: UW System Office of Trust Funds

Reminder: Student Employee Enrollment in MFA by 3/26/21

As communicated earlier this week by IT, student supervisors have been asked to help with the rollout of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all student employees.  Student employees need to enroll in the Microsoft MFA system by the end of the day Friday, March 26th.  A communication outlining this request and the steps needed to be taken has been sent to all student employees.

Student supervisors have been asked to visually compare the student employee with their UWGB ID, a state or other government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or passport), and verify that they have enrolled in Microsoft MFA:

  1. Student employee self-enrolls in Microsoft MFA by following instructions emailed to them.
  2. Student notifies their supervisor to let them know that MFA enrollment is complete.
  3. Supervisor schedules a 5-minute meeting with the student employee, either 5-minute Microsoft Teams video call or an in-person, whichever is most convenient.
  4. During the meeting the Supervisor needs to see the student employee, their UWGB student ID, and a state or other government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or passport) to ensure that the student employee is who they say there are. (You can verify enrollment by seeing that they have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on their smartphone or tablet, or screen sharing the site https://aka.ms/mfasetup)

Once student supervisors have identity-proofed student employees, please send an email confirming that ID proofing is complete and include a list of the student email addresses to helpdesk@uwgb.edu

If a student supervisor is unable to assist with the identity proofing, please direct the student employees to contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Failure to complete the Microsoft MFA enrollment will result in the student employee being unable to login in to the My UW Portal to access their timesheet, earnings statement, etc.

Please contact the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@uwgb.edu or (920) 465-2309 with any questions.

Rollout of Multifactor Authentication for HRS & My UW Portal

As previously communicated by the Information Technology Division, the DUO multifactor authentication process is being rolled out for several systems, including HRS, SFS, the My UW Portal and UWBI.  The primary change will be the look and feel of the login process, going from the current login screen to the Microsoft Single sign on screen:

These changes are being made for a number of reasons, including the ability to utilize additional services through Employee Self Service and for UW-Green Bay to be in compliance with UW System IT security policies.

Any questions or concerns with the implementation of the multifactor authentication process can be directed to the IT Helpdesk at (920) 465-2309 or helpdesk@uwgb.edu or Human Resources at (920) 465-2390 or hr@uwgb.edu.

How to Use Your 2021 Benefit ID Cards

Are you using the right benefit ID card when you see your doctor, pick up a prescription, visit the dentist, or get your eyes checked? Using the right ID card when you check in for your appointment or pick up your prescription can save you time and prevent issues later.

State Group Health Insurance ID Card
Present your health insurance ID card at telehealth/virtual visits, office visits, urgent care visits, emergency room visits, routine eye exam services, and during any other appointments that involve healthcare services.

If you did not receive your ID card or need to request a new one, contact your health plan.

Pharmacy Benefits ID Card
If you are enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program, you will have a separate ID card to use for pharmacy benefits. The pharmacy benefits are administered by Navitus. Present your Navitus ID card when you:

    • Visit a pharmacy to pick-up your prescription(s) and/or
    • Request prescriptions through mail order (mail order services are provided by ServeYou)

Contact Navitus at 1-866-333-2757 to request a new ID card or go to www.navitus.com to request one or print one.

Uniform and Supplemental Dental Insurance ID Card
The Uniform Dental and Supplemental Dental Insurance plans are administered by Delta Dental. There are separate ID cards for the Uniform Dental and Supplemental Dental Insurance plans. Present both Delta Dental ID cards at your dental appointment(s) if you are enrolled in the Uniform Dental Insurance plan as well as one of the Supplemental plans.

Go to www.deltadentalwi.com to print a dental insurance plan ID card.

      • If you already have an account with Delta Dental, click the Sign In link
      • If you do not have an account with Delta Dental, click the Register link

Once you are logged in, your ID card will appear on the right. Click the appropriate link to download and print or save an electronic version of your ID card. You may also contact Delta Dental at 800-236-3712 to request that your ID card(s) be mailed to your home address.

Vision Insurance ID Card
Vision insurance is administered by DeltaVision/EyeMed. If you are enrolled in vision insurance, present your DeltaVision/EyeMed ID card when you check in for your vision appointment.

Go to the DeltaVision/EyeMed to print a vision insurance plan ID card.

  • If you already have an account, enter your login information, then click Sign In
  • If you do not have an account, click the Need to Register link

Once you are logged in, go to the Account tab, then select Print My ID Card. Contact DeltaVision/EyeMed at 855-544-6035 to request your ID card be mailed to your home address.

Debit Card for Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account (LPFSA), Health Savings Account, Parking Account
These accounts are administered by ConnectYourCare (CYC). Upon enrollment you will be issued a single debit card even if you are enrolled in multiple accounts. Click the links below to review eligible expenses for each account.

Contact CYC at service@connectyourcare.com or 833-881-8158 with questions.

Review Your Cards for Accuracy
Review your ID cards for accuracy. If there are errors or if you have not received your 2021 benefit plan ID cards, contact the benefit plan to request them.

Source: UW System Human Resources

Corrected 2020 Form 1095-C Available

Due to an incorrect monthly premium amount reported on most 1095-C Forms for the lowest-cost self-only health insurance plan option, corrected 2020 Form 1095-C were issued to employees and are now available online in the MyUW portal. $30 was included on most forms; $31 is the correct amount.

A paper copy will be sent via U.S. Mail in late March to employees that have not authorized electronic receipt of their Form 1095-C.

Form 1095-C is provided to employees who were full-time, as defined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), for all or some months of 2020. Employees should retain Form 1095-C with their tax records.

For more information regarding Form 1095-C and the ACA: Affordable Care Act. If you have questions after reviewing the available information, contact your Payroll office.

Source: UW System Human Resources

Extended Vacation Carryover & End of Fiscal Year Leave Usage Reminders

Due to the disruptive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on employees schedules and the ability to take planned time off, the UW Admin Policy 1200-Interim 05: Interim: Vacation, Compensatory Time and Personal Holiday Carryover extended Academic Staff and Limited appointees ability to carryover unused vacation and personal holiday hours through June 30, 2021.  UW System has announced UW Admin Policy 1200-Interim 08: Extended Vacation Carryover, extending vacation carryover through October 9, 2021.

As a result, academic staff and limited employees will have until October 9, 2021 to use any remaining fiscal year 2019 and/or 2020 vacation carryover balances.  On October 10th, unused vacation carryover in excess of the normal policy limits (176 hours, prorated for part-time employees), will be lost and carryover will revert to the standard limits set forth in UW Admin Policy  1210: Vacation, Paid Leave Banks, and Vacation Cash Payouts (i.e. vacation may be carried over for one fiscal year).

Personal holiday hours will not be extended and will expire on June 30, 2021 for Academic Staff and Limited appointees.

UW-Green Bay leadership encourages employees to take the time off that they are entitled to; time off from work at regular intervals is important to physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Supervisors are encouraged to provide employees with the flexibility to use their accumulated leave, with consideration to operational needs.

Leave Usage Reminders:

Vacation –

    • Fiscal year 2019 and 2020 Vacation Carryover hours must be used by 10/9/2021.
    • Employees eligible to bank vacation (individuals with 10+ years of adjusted continuous service) may bank vacation first from current vacation carryover balances and then from current 2020-2021 vacation allocation.  A communication regarding the banked vacation process (formerly ALRA) will be sent to eligible employees in early July.
    • All remaining 2020-2021 vacation allocated hours will automatically be converted to vacation carryover as of 7/1/2021 for the 2021-2022 fiscal year and will need to be used by 6/30/2022.
    • UW Admin Policy 1210: Vacation, Paid Leave Banks, and Vacation Cash Payouts

Personal Holiday –

Legal Holiday –

    • Memorial Day is the last legal holiday in the 2020-2021 fiscal year.  8 hours (pro-rated for part-time staff) should be remaining for Memorial Day and will automatically be removed from balances in May.
    • The 2020-2021 fiscal year included one floating legal holiday (4th of July).  Floating legal holiday hours will need to be used by 6/30/2021 or the hours will be lost as of 7/1/2021.

Employees should review their leave balances and work with supervisors to make arrangements for time off.  Leave balances can be found under ‘Time and Absence’ in the My UW Portal

For University Staff, the current interim policy extends vacation carryover through December 31, 2021.  No additional extensions will be granted.

Employees with questions pertaining to their leave balances can contact Human Resources at payrollandbenefits@uwgb.edu or (920) 465-2390 for assistance.