Payroll Processing Transition to UW-Shared Services

In a continued effort to create efficiencies, serve our employees, and align with the institution’s strategic initiatives, the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity will be transitioning additional payroll processing functions to UW-Shared Services.  UW-Shared Services was created in July 2018 as an initiative of UW System’s 2020FWD strategic plan.  Our office began transitioning payroll functions in September, 2019 when the biweekly payroll (at the time for University Staff and student employees) moved to UW-Shared Services.  Since then, our office has continued to analyze and work with UW-Shared Services to evaluate additional efficiencies.

The implementation of Single Payroll this summer significantly increased the workload associated with processing payroll for faculty, academic staff and limited employees.  At the same time, our office recently restructured in order to better align our office’s practices and processes with institutional strategic initiatives such as digital transformation and data-based decision making.  In order to fully embrace our office restructure and allow our staff to delve into more complex data and analytics to meet institutional needs, we will be moving forward with transitioning additional payroll functions to UW-Shared Services effective November 15, 2021.  The functions moving to UW-Shared Services are less complex and allows for streamlined processes at the UW System level.

What payroll functions will transition to UW-Shared Services?

Effective November 15th, UW-Shared Services will handle all questions related to the following payroll functions:

    • Timesheets (entry, approval and corrections)
    • Absence entry/approval
    • Missing leave reports
    • Leave balances
    • Direct Deposit/W-4 inquiries
    • Earning Statement inquiries

What payroll functions will remain with UW-Green Bay’s Office of Human Resources?

    • Our office will continue to handle all Personnel Action (PA) related questions, including compensation adjustments and funding updates.
    • Additional payments, including overload and summer appointments for 9-month contracted employees, will continue to be administered by our office at this time.

While the above transactional activities will remain with UW-Green Bay at the current time, we will continue to monitor opportunities to adopt processing efficiencies implemented at the System Level.

How will employees be impacted by this transition?

    • In an effort limit the impact to employees, the Payroll section on the Office of Human Resources website has been updated to include additional details and UW-Shared Services resources.
    • As of November 15th, questions related to the payroll functions listed above should be directed to UW-Shared Services at This means that if you contact our office with questions related to these areas, we may direct or forward your inquiry over to UW-Shared Service for review and response.  We will always be here to support you, but will be directing you to work with UW-Shared Services on applicable areas.
    • Employees will start/continue receiving communications directly from UW-Shared Services on payroll-related functions. Examples of this includes biweekly payroll reminders and deadlines, outreach to new hires and transferring employees regarding leave balances and reporting processes, and responses to payroll inquiries.

What will be the role of the UW-Green Bay Office of Human Resources for payroll functions going forward?

As always, our staff is here to assist employees and provide guidance as needed, and we will continue to work with UW-Shared Services to make sure all employees are paid accurately and timely. While our office will move away from the transactional side of payroll processing, we are excited about the opportunity this transition will provide to better serve as a strategic partner with the campus community.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390.