Reminder Regarding Reporting of Safety Concerns

An item of concern raised by many members of the University Community has been the lack of clarity in the process to make a report about a safety concern at a campus location. Unfortunately, many people believe that a report has been made, but had provided the information to an area that could not take action, or the receiver of that report did not know what to do. In response, the Safety, Risk and Compliance area streamlined the reporting process to allow for digital reporting of these concerns which will be immediately noticed to the Environmental Health, Occupational Safety, and Emergency Manager.

Moving into the school year, we wanted to make sure that all supervisors, as individuals who often receive these reports from employees, students, and members of the public were aware of the process located on the Safety & Environmental Management webpage.

As an important reminder, this process does not replace the use of #2300 / #911 to address emergency situations such as injury, need for immediate medical attention, threat of violence or immediate harm to property. In those matters, individuals on the Green Bay Campus should call #2300 and those at the Additional Locations should call #911. If you have an ongoing concern about personal security please reach out to Human Resources to discuss options.

The process shown below will allow for employees and students to report a safety concern. Once a report has been submitted, the initiator of the report will receive confirmation that the concern was received and a response on how the concern will be addressed.

Report a Safety Concern: Click here to access the Safety Reporting page. Instructions on How to enter Safety Concern.

Here are Protocols for reporting safety concerns. The University has established protocols for reporting safety concerns that clarify the difference between general concerns and emergency situations everyone should be aware of.

Please review the above links and guidance and feel free to make reference to this process when responding to an employee or individual who has raised a safety concern with you or your operational area.

If you have any questions about this process or the link, please feel free to contact Scott Piontek at