Reminder – Required Compliance Trainings due by June 15, 2018

In order to fulfill our mission and comply with federal, state, and UW System requirements, all employees are required to complete online compliance and education programs. Eligibility requirements for the 2018-2019 Pay Plan include being employed prior to January 1, 2018 (unless an exception has been granted by the Chancellor), having acceptable performance during the employee’s most recent performance review, and compliance with all required trainings. Please see the Compensation and Pay Plan Policy for further eligibility requirements.

Required trainings include:

  1. Preventing Harassment and Sexual Violence (if you are a supervisor the course will be titled “Supervisor Anti-Harassment and Title IX”)
  2. Checkpoint: Data Security & Privacy
  3. Protect Children (EDU-WI)
  4. Injury and Illness Prevention (EDU)
  5. FERPA Basics
  6. Touchstone: Tools for an Ethical Workplace
  7. Clery CSA Training (only required if designated as a Campus Security Authority – training on the Office of Public Safety web site).

In order to receive the pay plan increases you must be compliant with these trainings as of June 15th, without exception.  Compliance after that date will not result in retroactive eligibility, or eligibility for the second step in the plan. To satisfy the training requirement, an employee must have completed all mandatory training before June 15th, 2018

Employees who have not completed the trainings should be receiving weekly notifications of non-compliance from Lawroom/Everfi. For instructions on how to confirm that all trainings have been completed in Lawroom/Everfi, please see this blog post. If you have issues accessing or completing the courses, please contact Human Resources at or (920) 465-2390 for technical support and/or to request a reasonable accommodation.