Health Insurance Changes

The implementation of the provisions of Wisconsin Act 10 will affect employees who are enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance program.  Please review “Changes Coming to State Group Health Insurance” to learn how you will be affected by these changes.

Please contact Human Resources at or ext. 2390 with any questions.

Act 10 Update

Below is communication from the Department of Administration’s Office regarding implementation of Wisconsin Act 10.  Please note the underlined/bolded sentences regarding deductions to paychecks and that health insurance premium deductions and WRS deductions will not be collected retroactively.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DOA Media Line: 608-266-7362

Secretary Huebsch Statement on Implementation of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10

MADISON –Wisconsin Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch today released the following statement regarding the implementation of the budget repair bill:

“The Department is moving forward with plans to implement Act 10. In the coming days, I will be working with my staff to set a timeline and develop a plan for increasing state employee pension and health insurance premium contributions. Based on initial discussions, the soonest that the change could appear on state employee paychecks is late August.”

“With regard to local government employees, I will also be setting a timeline for pension contributions. However, the timing of changes to the health insurance premium contributions of local government employees will depend on when existing contracts expire and the status of any current contract negotiations.”

We will not be applying the provisions of Act 10 retroactively.”

Below is an e-mail message received from Alan Crist, Associate Vice President for Human Resources at UW System Administration, regarding the recent events surrounding Wisconsin Act 10.

As you have probably heard, the Wisconsin Supreme Court yesterday issued a decision that overturned the injunction that had been placed on the implementation of Wisconsin Act 10. The law will become effective following publication by the Secretary of State, which may be by the end of this month. We are awaiting clarification on implementation dates regarding increased contributions to the pension plan and health insurance premiums, as well as elimination of union dues deductions, and will pass that along as soon as we find out. We have contacted OSER and advised them that our HRS leadership will need to be given as much advance time as possible to make the transition as smooth as it can be.

Act 10 will also significantly affect or eliminate collective bargaining rights for university employees. The Faculty and Academic Staff Labor Relations Act (FASLRA) that gave rights to collectively bargain to faculty and academic staff was repealed in its entirety. The unions that were formed under the law will of course still have the right to be ‘associations’ of individuals; however, those groups will no longer have the statutory right to collectively bargain with the UW System. Shared governance is not impacted by the repeal of FASLRA and all practices and procedures that were in place before FASLRA are in effect.

The classified employees and graduate assistants who are represented by unions that were formed under the State Employment Labor Relations Act (SELRA) have had collective bargaining agreements in place for a number of years. Extensions of those agreements have ceased, but we will still abide by the letter of those agreements in a ‘status quo’ period until a compensation plan for represented employees is developed by OSER.  We do not have a clear sense from OSER how long it will be before the represented employee compensation plan is ready.  We will be able to provide input to OSER in development of the plan and will let you know when it may be issued. SELRA unions will continue to represent employees provided those unions go through an annual certification election in which 51% of the bargaining unit elect to continue that respective union as its exclusive representative. The unions that successfully go through a certification election will then have the right to bargain wages alone, and no other terms or conditions of employment. Once it is developed, the represented employee compensation plan, mentioned above, along with existing, applicable statute and administrative code, will cover all other terms and conditions of employment.

Please contact Human Resources at ext. 2390 or if you have any questions.

United of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance

Please click on the following link to view information regarding United of Omaha Long Term Care insurance policies that were approved by the State of Wisconsin Group Insurance Board.

This long term care insurance plan, Health Choice, is available to all state employees, UW employees, retirees, and their family members.   You can request information about this plan through the link above.

Please contact Human Resources at or ext. 2390 with questions.

Long Term Care Insurance

Introducing John Hancock’s New Custom Care II Enhanced Long Term Care Insurance Policy

Any state, University or University Hospital and Clinic employee or annuitant may apply for this coverage.   Spouses/domestic partners and parents of state employees and annuitants can also apply.   This voluntary Long Term Care Insurance policy is offered at a discounted premium.   The John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.) represents stability, financial strength and dependability for your future care and estate conservation.

The John Hancock Life Insurance Company (USA) has been a dependable Long Term Care Insurance carrier for the State of Wisconsin program since 1998, and Senior Care Insurance Services has been the marketing agency.

The policy emphasizes HOME CARE Benefits as well as traditional coverage in Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Home Care Benefits include:

* Skilled & Unskilled Visits

* Home Modification

* Emergency Response System

* Primary Care Giver Training

* Homemaker Services

* Necessary Medical Equipment

* Monthly Cash Benefit Rider- additional premium to allow for the use of friends or family for care or other expenses.

* Return of Premium. If the policyholder dies prior to age 65, there is a refund of  paid premiums less any claims paid.  An optional rider can extend this benefit beyond age 65.


This John Hancock Long Term Care Insurance policy also qualifies for the Federal and Wisconsin Governments’ recently enacted PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. Be sure to ask us about the program’s benefits and advantages.

If you would like a personal quote and more information about this state plan, please contact John Hancock at (toll free number) 1-877-578-8400 or e-mail  Premium will vary with the choice of benefits selected.

Long Term Care Insurance

Consider the following realities:

  • Did you know that over 40% of those receiving long-term care services are between the ages of 18-64?
  • Did you know that the average cost of certain kinds of long-term care services can cost more than $50,000 annually?
  • Did you know that almost 70% of individuals your parents/grandparents age (or those aged 65 or older), will require at least some type of long-term care?
  • Are you aware that Medicare and private health insurance do NOT cover these kinds of care expenses?
  • Did you know that there is a new plan that pays a monthly CASH BENEFIT – starting DAY ONE?

Are you prepared for these possibilities? Do you have the resources to pay for this care when you need it?  Protect your hard-earned assets and learn about your State of Wisconsin Long Term Care voluntary benefit that is offered to State and University employees from HealthChoice.  Many people feel that Long Term Care Insurance is an integral part of planning for retirement.

Attend the session being offered on Wednesday, March 23rd, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. presented by Mark Anderson, Account Executive for HealthChoice.  His presentation will provide you with important information on the HealthChoice Long-Term Care insurance CA$H-First policy.  The presentation will be held in the University Union room 103.

Health Insurance Satisfaction Survey

Attention All Participants in the State of WI Group Health Insurance Program:

Each year the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) contracts with a survey vendor (Synovate) to conduct a health insurance satisfaction survey.  The survey is expected to begin on Thursday, March 3rd.  Randomly selected employees will be contacted via e-mail beginning this week.  The survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete and your responses will be kept confidential.  This study is important because the results will be published in a health plan report card in the 2012 It’s Your Choice Decision Guide (Open Enrollment) booklets and will also be considered during health plan premium negotiations for the 2012 plan year.

Please e-mail or call 465-2390 if you have any questions about this survey.

UWGB Employee Benefits & Wellness Fair

Monday, October 4, 2010

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Phoenix Rooms – University Union

UW-Green Bay is hosting an Employee Benefits & Wellness Fair to provide employees with the opportunity to learn more information about their benefits.  Mark your calendar to attend!

Refreshments will be served and door prizes will be given out.  Bellin Health will provide blood pressure checks, Aurora will provide skin cancer screenings, and Prevea Clinics will have information available about headaches and diabetes. The following vendors will be available to talk with you:

  • * Ameriprise
  • * Ameritas
  • * Arise Health Plan
  • * Aurora
  • * Bellin Health
  • * Dental Associates
  • * Dreyfus
  • * Epic Life Insurance
  • * ERA
  • * ETF
  • * Health Choice Long Term Care Solutions
  • * Humana
  • * Kress Events Center
  • * Lincoln Financial
  • * Network Health
  • * Prevea Clinics
  • * Social Security
  • * Standard Plan
  • * T. Rowe Price
  • * TSA/WRS Retirement
  • * UWGB Dietetics/Nutrition
  • * UnitedHealthCare
  • * VSP (Vision Care)
  • * WEA Trust
  • * Western Racquet
  • * Wisconsin Deferred Compensation
  • * YMCA of Green Bay

Please e-mail or call 465-2390 if you have any questions.

Employee Benefits and Wellness Fair October 6, 2009 noon until 3:00 P.M.

UWGB Benefits/Wellness Fair

The annual UWGB Benefits/Wellness Fair will be held on Tuesday, October 6th at Noon to 3:00 p.m. in the Phoenix Rooms in the University Union.  This fair will provide you with the opportunity to learn more information about your benefits.  Representatives from Arise Health Plan, Social Security, Network Health, Humana, Wisconsin Deferred Compensation, and many more vendors will be on hand to talk with you.  Refreshments will be served and door prizes will be given out.  Bellin Health will provide blood pressure and blood sugar checks and Advantage Chiropractic of Green Bay will have a massage table set up.  In addition, Terry Lauber, from UW System will be conducting a TSA presentation in the Alumni Rooms from 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.  We hope to see you there!

2009 It’s Your Choice Enrollment Period

It’s Your Choice Enrollment Period  October 5 – October 23, 2009

Insured employees may elect to:

  • Change health plans
  • Change from single to family coverage without restrictions.

Enrollment Opportunities for the following is October 5 – November 13, 2009

  • Employee Reimbursement Accounts Plan
  • Dental Insurance
  • VSP Vision
  • UW Employee Inc Life Insurance