Campus to Campus Challenge – Week Seven Results


During week seven, 24 employees participated in the Campus to Campus Walking Challenge, and as a group we logged 1,675,360 steps.  During week seven, we continued our trek across the french countryside to Paris, then to Zurich, Switzerland, and ended up in Rome, Italy!

Eiffelturm Parisrome

Did you know the best way to lose weight by walking is to take a longer, moderately paced walk (40 minutes at 60-65% maximum heart rate). Shorter, faster walks (20-25 minutes at 75-80% maximum heart rate) are best for conditioning the heart and lungs.

During week seven, Jayne Kluge, Ron Kottnitz, Barb Tomashek-Ditter, Jamel Heim, and Jeff Krueger had the highest number of steps. Keep on exercising – your body will thank you! 🙂