Updated Telecommuting Website and Related Policies

The UW-Green Bay Telecommuting Website has been updated to add additional language related to Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) telecommuting. Faculty and IAS inherently have significant flexibility in work arrangements due to their primary job responsibilities of teaching, scholarship, and/or service. Therefore, a telecommuting agreement is only necessary for faculty and IAS if it is reasonably expected that the employee’s sole worksite is elsewhere (i.e. the hired FA/IAS member is located outside of the state of Wisconsin). This applies to both ongoing FA/IAS and temporary IAS (i.e. Associate Lecturers). Additional information can be found on the UW-Green Bay Telecommuting Website and Telecommuting Policy.

In addition, the Office Hours and Institutional Closures Policy (HR 14-17-3) has been updated to better reflect practices which encompass both virtual and in-person workplaces. Additional information about how to apply this policy to individual departments can be found in the newly-created Remote Work Guidelines for Applying HR 14-17-3.

Should you have questions about the revised policies or the Telecommuting Website, please contact Human Resources at hr@uwgb.edu.