Well Wisconsin Radio: Let’s Talk Exercising for Longevity

If you are looking for well-being tips and advice from local experts, Well Wisconsin Radio is the podcast for you!

February 2024 Episode: Exercising for Longevity

Many Well Wisconsin program members are participating in the Move for a Million Challenge! As the focus is on moving more, Thad Hubbell, a WebMD health coach and certified personal trainer with 25 years of experience working with beginners to professional athletes. Thad talks about exercising for longevity, supporting an active future and living longer. Also discuss starting an exercise routine after injury or with chronic pain and new Well Wisconsin coaching resources available to support your well-being.

Listen HERE!

NOTE to those eligible for the 2024 Well Wisconsin Inventive – Listening to two episodes of Well Wisconsin Radio from season 3, dated November 2023 and later, will qualify for well-being activity credit.