Well Wisconsin Program Participation – UW-Green Bay finished in top five!

Well Wisconsin is the uniform wellness program offered as part of the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. This program is voluntary and provided at no cost to you and your spouse, if enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program. The program offers resources that can help you maintain or improve your current state of well-being and help lower your health risks and costs. There is also a monetary incentive available for you (and your spouse) to earn through the program.

The 2023 numbers are in, and 41.44 % of eligible UW-Green Bay employees (310 people) completed the three steps to get their $150 wellness incentive in 2023!  We also had 88 spouses complete the steps to get their incentive (21.10% of eligible spouses).  Listed below are the top five institutions.  For comparison, the 2023 participation rate for all eligible UW employees was 35.44%.  UW-Green Bay’s participation rate has been higher than the UW overall participation rate each year since 2019 – great job UWGB!

  1. Universities of Wisconsin System Administration (46.58%)
  2. UW-Oshkosh (45.03%)
  3. UW-Stevens Point (42.58%)
  4. UW-Stout (41.73%)
  5. UW-Green Bay (41.44%)

There are three steps to get our $150 wellness incentive, and the activity piece had the lowest completion rate for us:

  1. Health Assessment (44.12% of employees completed this step) (brief online questionnaire)
  2. Health Check (42.51%) (onsite health screening, dental exam or one coaching session)
  3. Health Activity (41.84%) (check out the new options for 2024: Well Wisconsin Well-Being Activities Flyer)

How do our health risks at UW-Green Bay compare to UW overall?  Our three highest health risks are the same:

  1. BMI (Body Mass Index)
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Cholesterol (Total)

Get ready for 2024!

In good health, and with closer connection is exactly where you belong in 2024. Well Wisconsin is here to help. Learn how by joining one of the kick-off webinars on January 16 or January 31. With the new year comes new resources to support you through more personalized coaching options, including pain management, weight management, diabetes prevention, and more.

The incentive deadline will be October 11, 2024.  To participate in the Well Wisconsin Program, login or register on the WebMD ONE website (code: SOWI) or download the Wellness At Your Side mobile app through the App Store or on Google Play (code: SOWI).

Move for a Million in 2024 

Do you remember the Million Steps Challenge from years ago? It’s back and better than ever. Move for a Million is your challenge to move anyway that works for you, reaching the equivalent of one million steps. WebMD is hosting a webinar, “Move for a Million: Exercises for All” on January 18. Register for the webinar to get inspiration and movement recommendations for your life.

Don’t forget Wellness at Your Side this Holiday season

Take wellness with you wherever you go this holiday season. Chat with a coach, listen to guided meditations, or manage your Daily Habits plan. Keep Stress in Check, Cope with the Blues, Enjoy Exercise, Balance Your Diet, and more are all available anytime with the Wellness at Your Side app. Download the app and use connection code: SOWI. This app is available through Well Wisconsin.

More Information

For additional information regarding the Well Wisconsin Program, go to webmdhealth.com/wellwisconsin or contact the WebMD HelpLine at (800) 821-6591. Additional information may also be found at etf.wi.gov/well-wisconsin-members.

Personal health information is protected by federal law and will not be shared with the Universities of Wisconsin, Employee Trust Funds, or the group health insurance program. For more information, review privacy policyshort privacy video or the Department of Employee Trust Funds’ (ETF) Notice for Wellness Programs.

Reminder: To be eligible for the Well Wisconsin Program, you must be an employee, spouse or retiree enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program.  The incentive is considered taxable income.