Business & Government Outreach Program Manager

This position reports to the Executive Officer for the Division of Continuing Education & Community Engagement and demonstrates leadership in the advancements of business training and the economic viability of local and county governments throughout the State of Wisconsin, nationally, and internationally.  Through the creation of continuing education courses, academic credit, consulting, partnerships and projects, this position contributes significantly to the development of working professionals and government administrators. Provides oversight and support of by understanding industry demands and community needs.

Provides vision and guidance for program planning, implementation, and evaluation. Supervises outreach staff for professional growth and effective project management. Monitors budget and appropriate funding for programming. Promotes stable and productive relationships between the university and community. Strives to expand and ensure access to programs, facilities, and educational services to diverse audiences. Utilizes technology to support training through the use of MS teams and Zoom for greater reach.

The team member will maintain a calendar of outreach to support visibility in the government and business community for UWGB. May attend community events, become involved in boards, associations, economic development organizations, or chamber groups based on need. This role will maintain contacts and partnerships at various levels of government. The role will serve in leadership of government associations to support training opportunities.

Collaboration with campus partners to enhance offerings. Will research and develop new business initiatives that will strategically diversify fiscal revenue streams with consideration of long-term viability.

For further information and position responsibilities, please see the full position announcement.

To ensure consideration, please apply by Monday, August 15, 2022.