LinkedIn Learning July Challenge: Masters of Change

LinkedIn Learning July Challenge: Masters of Change

If there’s one thing you can always rely on, it’s change. From your personal and professional life, to broader changes to the world at large, dealing with change can be challenging even in the best of times. The good news? We can control how we deal with change by learning how to put it in proper context, create perspective, and ultimately become more resilient.

This month, we invite you to participate in LinkedIn Learning’s July Challenge, kicking off July 12th.

Challenge yourself to participate every day – each one takes ~5 minutes or less. To keep yourself on track, try keeping a journal or print the calendar and initial each day when you’ve completed it. Happy learning!

Follow these steps to participate:

  • Print or save the Linkedin Learning July 2022 Challenge
  • Complete each day’s short LIL learning (~5 mins or less)
  • Initial each day’s box once you’ve watched the daily video
  • Share your biggest takeaway to by August 1, 2022