Non-Instructional Academic Staff & Limited Employee Performance Evaluation Calendar Transition

In accordance with SYS 1254, Performance Management all employees are expected to have a performance evaluation conducted annually. University Staff, Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff annual evaluations are generally completed in January/February of each year, while historically Non-instructional Academic Staff and Limited employee evaluations have been completed in July/August.

In an effort to create a more consistent review period across employee classifications and support future technology enhancements in the performance evaluation process for non-instructional staff, Cabinet has approved a change in calendar for Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited evaluations. Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited evaluations will now be based upon a calendar year review period and will be conducted annually in January/February.

To facilitate this transition in calendar, Non-Instructional Academic Staff & Limited employees will not be expected to complete annual performance evaluations during this coming July/August. However, supervisors will be strongly encouraged to schedule a touch-point to informally discuss performance and goals with their employees. The next round of annual evaluations for this employee group will be due in late winter of 2023 and will be based upon a review period of July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022. After this transition year, annual evaluations will be conducted consistent with a 12-month calendar year review period.

This change in evaluation schedule will not impact six-month evaluations for new Non-Instructional Academic Staff and Limited employees. Timely individual notifications will continue to be provided to supervisors for employees required to have a six-month evaluation.

Over the next several months, the Office of Human Resources in collaboration with shared governance committees will be reviewing the current non-instructional performance evaluation process to identify updates that will streamline processes and better align with the positions descriptions developed this year as part of the Title & Total Compensation Project.

Additional information will be shared as it is available. For questions about the performance evaluation process, please contact