Wisconsin Strong Women Webinars in August

Register for Wisconsin Strong Webinars in August

Check out these 30-minute Wisconsin Strong webinars: Investments 101 for Women on August 3; Retirement Planning for Women on August 10; and Take Control of Your Finances on August 25. Webinars are free of charge and presented by Empower Retirement and Summit Credit Union.

Empower Retirement is the third-party administrator of the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program. The WDC is an optional, supplemental retirement savings plan (457) for all working state and university employees. Local government and school district employees may also use the WDC if their employers offer it.

Retirement Planning for Women
Event: August 10

Women face more challenges than men when saving for retirement. In this webinar, learn more about why that is and what you can do to reach your retirement goals and become more confident about your financial future. Presented by Empower Retirement.

Register for session: August 10 at 8:30 a.m.

Take Control of Your Finances
Event: August 25

Feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck? Find that you’re using a credit card to pay for things more often than you’d like? This webinar can help you get back on track. Learn how to make choices that fit the lifestyle you want to live and establish new habits that will set you up for money management success. Presented by Summit Credit Union.

Register for session:

August 25 at 8:30 a.m.

August 25 at 5:30 p.m.

Wisconsin Strong
These webinars are a part of the Wisconsin Strong: Your Financial Security™ program, offered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds, to empower members and their families to build financial security and achieve financial wellness at any age. You’ll find free financial wellness education, resources, and tools at etf.wi.gov/wi-strong. Follow along at #WIStrongSecurity.