Phoenix Forward – Reminder of Workplace Expectations and Flexible Staffing Options

Workplace Expectations:

While our University is doing exceptionally well in maintaining a safe environment for students and staff, it is important that we not become complacent with our adherence to the COVID 19 Workplace Expectations. It is critically important that all faculty and staff continue to strictly follow the 3 W’s; Wear your mask / Wash your hands / Watch your distance. In addition to following the safety guidelines, it is also necessary that all faculty and staff follow public health principles when not on a campus. If you are attending any group event, you should still use face coverings and practice social distancing; you should continue to consider whether the activity you are participating in would place you, and subsequently your colleagues at risk of infection; and if you engage in an activity where social distancing is not possible or do not use face coverings, you should isolate from campus for 14 days from the date of that event.

Our University has successfully avoided outbreaks and dramatic increases in active COVID-19 Cases because of the dedication and willingness of our faculty and staff in complying with these safety standards, and we will remain able to operate with that continued commitment.

K-12 adjustments, eFMLA and Flexibility:

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity are committed to providing a flexible working environment to facilitate employee work/life balance while still meeting operational needs. The policies and processes referenced on the Phoenix Forward Leave Resources page provide resources for employees to facilitate the exceptional needs they may have if they become infected, suspected, or exposed-close contact to COVID-19. These policies and processes also provide flexibilities given modifications in K12 school delivery, closures and reductions or capacity of day cares, and limits to other day services provided to assist care takers during the COVID-19 event.

Outside of these formal leave policies (COVID-19 leave and eFMLA), if possible based upon departmental operations, supervisors are expected to allow employees options for remote work and/or flexible work schedules in order to accommodate childcare or caregiver responsibilities.

Office Staffing:

With the sudden move of many local K-12s to a virtual setting as well as the community spread of COVID-19 in Brown and surrounding counties, planned staffing for many offices have been disrupted.  While there is a desire to continue to provide as much direct service to the University Community as possible, it is understood that the need for employees to isolate due to infection or exposure to COVID-19 as well as needs of employees to assist with virtual learning may cause staffing issues that were not part of an operational area’s original planning. The priority of any operational area should be the safety of the University Community.

Employees should be reminded to complete the Reporting Form and of the isolation requirements if they become infected, suspected or exposed-close contact. Employees should be supported in their decision to isolate if they believe that they may place others at risk of exposure. The University continues to strongly encourage flexibility with employees who need to provide assistance with virtual learning.  Based on these priorities, office may need to amend their planned hours of on-campus operation. In the event that operational areas need to modify on-campus office hours, the area leader should be noticed of the need for modification. It is requested that any changes are clearly posted at the entrance so that members of the public are aware of these changes. If there are long-term changes to standard office hours, please communicate that change with Marketing & University Communication so that the campus snapshot can be updated as needed.