Workplace Expectations Update Regarding Meetings and Events

As you are returning to your on-campus workplace, please ensure that you have reviewed the Employee Workplace Expectations for July 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020 and completed the electronic acknowledgment form.  At this time, there are a few updates to the Phoenix Forward: Return to Workplace Plan regarding meetings and events on campus.

Meetings Update
Convening in groups increases the risk of viral transmission. It is recommended that no more than three (3) individuals engage in any face-to-face communication if it is expected to exceed 30 minutes. Whenever possible, meetings should be held virtually in whole or in part by using available technology. While on campus, consider communicating with your colleagues and supervisors as needed by email, instant message, telephone, or other available technology rather than face-to-face.

In-person meetings should only occur when no other options are available. During any face-to-face communications, personnel must adhere to not less than six feet of separation between participants. Under no circumstance should any room exceed 50% of its total capacity. Common Conference Rooms are not available for reservations at this time. If one of these rooms must be used to facilitate required physical distancing for a face-to-face meeting, the request should be made to Facilities Planning & Management:

Phone: 920-465-2394

Departments requesting use of these areas will be responsible for physical distancing practices among attendees. The Department will be responsible for all preparations, including disinfection using materials provided as well as disinfection at the end of use.

Office Events/Common Dining
Office events which include participants from outside the University and involve more than ten (10) people or encourage the gathering of individuals for more than 30 minutes, will not be permitted until further notice. Events involving common food or beverage service should not be held and employees should avoid participating in common dining.

For more information about UW-Green Bay’s return to campus operations, please see the Phoenix Forward: Return to Workplace Plan.