How can you improve your well-being?

What are some things you are doing to improve your mental and physical well-being?  Here are some things that your co-workers reported they are doing or recommending:

      • Taking online yoga classes
      • Using video chatting via Facebook or Facetime to have some human contact
      • Streaming workouts
      • Trying new recipes using items on hand in the freezer or pantry
      • Exercising by doing dance routines from YouTube
      • Picking up the phone to call co-workers rather than sending countless emails
      • Taking walks outdoors
      • Utilizing free online platforms to do better team collaborations
      • Having a daily routine/schedule

Be intentional – make your well-being a priority.  What will work for you to reduce your anxiety and stress, and improve your mental and physical health?  Create a plan and start today!  You will feel better mentally and physically.