Title & Total Compensation Project Update – August, 2019

https___www.wisconsinThe University of Wisconsin (UW) is embarking on a complete redesign of its current classification and compensation structure. The goal of the Title and Total Compensation Project will be to develop new systems that will enable institutions to continue to attract and retain the best talent.

Recently, the Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity held open forums for employees and managers. To view the open forum presentation, please click here.

For Title & Total Compensation Project background information related to job titles, job descriptions, compensation, and benefits, please see this August, 2019 updated handout.

Managers and Division Leaders – would you like a poster for your area about Title & Total Compensation Project? Please print off this poster and showcase within your department!

Recent UW System Updates:

Titles and Job Descriptions

    • Review of the draft titles and standard job descriptions is complete! The job titles and standard job descriptions will remain in draft form until after employee-manager conversations December 1, 2019 through February 15, 2020.

    • The next step is job mapping. UW System Human Resources will provide a proposed match for each current job title to an updated job title and job description. Job mapping will then take place at the institutional level where UW-Green Bay human resources will work with divisional leaders to match each employee’s current job title to a new job title, utilizing the job mapping crosswalk. Work on job mapping will wrap up during the fall of 2019.

    • Job mapping will lead to a process of discussions where employees will review their updated job title and standard job description with managers during winter 2019-2020. Compensation will not be discussed during these employee/manager conversations.

    • While job titles and job descriptions may change, employees will not lose their jobs, employees will not need to reapply for their jobs, and the work done by employees will not change.


    • UW partnered with Mercer Consulting to compare UW benefits to what other employers with similar workforces are offering.

    • A summary of the benefits analysis preliminary findings will be available to employees in the fall of 2019.

    • Based on the Mercer benefits analysis and stakeholder input, the project team will recommend a benefits strategy to enhance UW benefits offerings and help keep UW competitive within the market.

    • Changes to current benefits offerings are out of scope of this project and subject to Board of Regents and legislature reviews and approvals.


    • This project creates the foundation for a market informed UW compensation structure for leadership to identify compensation issues and advocate for employees, but does not directly address compensation issues.

    • After the title structure is finalized in March 2020. the compensation structure can be finalized, which means that job titles will have updated salary ranges. More details will be forthcoming in March 2020 about updated salary range. Employee pay will not be cut. Employee pay will also not be increased as a part of this project. Any increases in pay are out of scope of this project and would need to be funded and planned over time by leadership.

    • Work is still being done to determine and document all of the methods for pay adjustments and career development that will be available in the future

In the Queue:

  • Summary of Results for the Employee Benefits Preferences Survey & Benefits Value Analysis, estimated completion: September 2019 (Q3)
  • Proposed Titles and Standard Job Descriptions Posted Online, estimated completion: December 2019 (Q3)
  • Titles and Standard Job Descriptions Implementation, estimated completion: March 2020 (Q1)

For up-to-date information about the Title & Total Compensation Project, please see the UW System Title & Total Compensation Project website. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the UW System FAQ page.

UW-Green Bay Updates:

  • UW-Green Bay HR has started conversations with University Staff and Academic Staff governance groups related to a potential appeals process for title determinations.
  • UW-Green Bay has an institutional T&TC project team, whose goal is to engage with subject matter experts and stakeholders. Feedback and information about T&TC flows to and from the project team. A listing of members of the UW-Green Bay institutional T&TC project team can be found here.