Important Year End Leave Information for University Staff

As we near the end of the 2018 calendar year, University Staff employees are reminded to review their leave balances.

Vacation Carry Over
Employees may carry over any unused vacation earned in 2018 into 2019.  You don’t need to do anything to have your unused 2018 vacation carry over to 2019 – it will carry over automatically.

Any vacation carried over from 2017 must be used by December 31, 2018.  The Human Resources System (HRS) will automatically take any vacation absences entered first from carry over balances before taking from the current year’s allocations.

Compensatory Time
Compensatory time (comp time) is able to be carried into the following calendar year if approved by the immediate supervisor.  If carried over, unused compensatory time must be used by April 30th of the following year or it will be paid out on the pay period that includes May 1st.

Personal and Legal Holidays
Personal and Legal holiday hours may not be carried into 2019.  If personal and legal holiday hours are not used by December 31, 2018, they will be forfeited.

Your legal holiday balance includes upcoming observed legal holidays.  The remaining observed legal holidays this calendar year include Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

Annual Leave Conversion Option (Banked Leave or Sabbatical)
Forms for employees eligible for the Annual Leave Conversion Option are available on your My UW System Portal, under Time and Absence > Leave Reports tab > 2018 Banked Leave Report.

Please note that the above information applies to University Staff positions, not Academic Staff, Limited, or Faculty positions.

How do I check my paid leave balances?  On your My UW System Portal, under Time and Absence > Leave Balances tab

Questions? Please contact Payroll & Benefits at (920) 465-2390 or