Reminder: 2016 Summer Leave Reports

As we wrap up the summer pay periods, please remember that leave-eligible, unclassified employees will be required to submit a “summer leave report” if working any summer service or summer session appointments.

Similar to last summer, there will be no online entry for the summer session/service leave reports. Click here to find one summer leave report that you will use to keep track of all leave taken during your employment over the entire summer.

Specific notes regarding this process:

  • Please print the attached leave report.
  • In the top section, fill in your name and employee ID only.
  • Record absences for any leave taken while you are under contract during the summer (including work performed that was paid via a lump sum payment).
  • If you do not use any leave time for a given month, enter zero in the “Total Hours” row.
  • Sign the summer leave report.
  • Request an approval signature from your summer department chair/supervisor (if working multiple appointments, you may need to request more than one signature).
  • Any sick leave used during the summer will be charged to your primary appointment.
  • This leave report is due to Human Resources by Tuesday, September 6, 2016, regardless of whether or not leave is used!

Please contact with any questions.