Year End Information for Classified Employees

**Important information regarding vacation carry over, compensatory time, annual leave conversion, and personal & floating holidays**

Attn:  Classified Employees and their Supervisors:

UW-Green Bay requires that vacation for classified employees be taken in the calendar year in which it is earned.  It is UW-Green Bay’s practice to allow up to 40 hours of vacation to be carried over into the following year, if approved by the employee’s supervisor.  A request to carry over more than 40 hours of vacation must be approved by Human Resources.  Any vacation carried over from 2010 into 2011 must be used by June 30, 2011.

Please complete the Vacation Carry Over Request Form ONLY if requesting to carry over more than 40 hours of vacation into 2011.

Requests must be submitted to HR, ES 107, no later than Friday, December 10, 2010.  A scanned, signed copy of the form may be e-mailed to in lieu of a hard copy submission.

If a new employee completes his or her original probationary period between July 1 and December 31, 2010, all vacation may be carried over (without supervisor or HR approval).  However, the leave must still be used by June 30, 2011.

 In-so-far as possible, all 2010 Compensatory Time earned should be used by December 30, 2010.  Under exceptional circumstances, approval to carry unused compensatory time into 2011 may be granted by the immediate supervisor.  All 2010 compensatory time must be used by April 30, 2011 or it will be paid.

Personal holiday hours may not be carried into 2011 and if not used by December 30, 2010 will be forfeited.  Also, please remember that Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, resulting in a floating holiday.  You must use this floating holiday by December 30, 2010 or it will be lost.

In 2011, classified employees will be granted three floating holidays due to the dates of certain legal holidays during the year.  Please visit the Legal Holidays section of our website for additional details.

Eligible employees able to utilize the Annual Leave Conversion Option will receive written notification by the end of November.

Please contact Human Resources at 465-2390 if or via e-mail at you have any questions.