Upcoming Changes to Mandatory Employee Training

As an employee of the University of Wisconsin, you are required by UW System policy to receive training on the following three topics:

      • Title IX (sexual harassment/sexual discrimination) – required training every three years
      • Information Security (securing data and information technology) – annual required training
      • Mandated Reporter (reporting of child abuse and neglect, Executive Order #54) – required training once after institution process is in place

In order to provide a more effective mandatory employee training program, we are moving to a centralized process for course delivery, compliance monitoring, and employee support for the trainings listed above.  With the implementation of the new process, you will no longer receive messages regarding these trainings from your institution’s Human Resources office (some of you may remember receiving messages from Jenny Charapata in combination with our training vendor LawRoom/EverFi).  Instead, you will receive messages from the mandatorytraining@uwss.wisconsin.edu email address.  There will also be a single point of contact for support for these trainings.  If you have questions or need technical support for these mandatory trainings, you can contact serviceoperations@uwss.wisconsin.edu.

During the week of September 21, all UW-Green Bay employees in active pay status may receive a message with one or more course assignments under the new mandatory training process.  Depending upon when you last completed the Mandated Reporter, Title IX, and Info Security courses (course assignment is based upon last completion date), will determine the date of your next course assignment. You will have 120 calendar days from receipt of the message to complete all courses assigned to you. Please note that our former President Ray Cross extended the typical 30 calendar day deadline an additional 90 calendar days (120 calendar days in total) in light of current extraordinary circumstances related to COVID-19.

If you have non-technical support questions regarding these trainings, please contact
hr@uwgb.edu or 920-465-2390.