HR Distribution Lists in Outlook

Human Resources has worked with campus Computing and Information Technology (CIT) to revisit and revise the current campus HR Distribution Lists housed in Outlook.  As part of this process, the lists have been rebuilt and the following is a description of the current lists that exist for users in Outlook.  Provisioning for access to send to the various lists is granted through CIT and lists are restricted to limit the number of campus wide e-mails that are sent.

Also, please be advised the Campus Student & Employee Distribution List E-Mail Policy maintained by CIT is under revision and will be reissued later this year. For questions on the use of these lists, please contact HR or CIT.

Name Those Included on List Email Address
Adjunct Adjunct & Associate Lecturers
All_Employees All Active Employees
All_Supervisors All Active Supervisors
Emeritus All Emeriti
Faculty Asst, Assoc & Full Professors and Instructors
FASL_Super Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Supervisors
Instr_AS Instructional Academic Staff
Limited Limited Employees
Non_Instr_AS Non-Instructional Academic Staff
Stud_Super Student Supervisors
Univ_Staff University Staff
Univ_Staff_Super University Staff Supervisors
Univ_Staff_Temp Temporary University Staff (former LTEs)
Univ_Staff_Temp_Super University Staff Temporary Supervisors