Apply to Present at the 2024 Instructional Development Institute (Applications Due Monday, Nov. 6; IDI is Jan. 9, 2024)

Welcome to the UW-Green Bay Instructional Development Institute (IDI) Call for Proposals page!

The Instructional Development Institute takes place each January and is hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) and the Instructional Development Council. Part of what contributes to the excitement surrounding the IDI is the active involvement and collaboration from UWGB faculty, staff, and community partners as conference presenters. Every fall, CATL and the Instructional Development Council (IDC) invite UWGB faculty and staff to submit proposals for the IDI, encouraging them to share their experiences, research, and instructional approaches with the broader educational community.

Introduction to IDI Theme

Higher education has witnessed substantial challenges in recent years. Instructors and students faced COVID-19, the ensuing dramatic shift to pandemic pedagogy, and all that came with it. Institutions confronted budget, enrollment, and political pressures, and they are now grappling with emerging generative AI technologies and their impact on education. Amid such disruptions, it can be easy to approach our work with a mentality of survival. This year’s Instructional Development Institute instead challenges you to consider what it would mean not simply to survive, but to thrive in higher education. While there are no easy answers, we can work together as educators to set goals, support one another, surmount obstacles, and achieve at a high level, similar to the expectations we have for our students. Join your colleagues and keynote speaker Dr. Kevin Gannon, author of the book Radical Hope, as we reflect on ways to thrive as educators and help students to do the same.

Call for Proposals

CATL and the Instructional Development Council at UW-Green Bay are now accepting applications for the all-virtual Instructional Development Institute (IDI) on January 9, 2024. This year’s theme is “Thriving in Higher Education.” We encourage submissions highlighting creative educational strategies and practices that correspond with the conference theme, such as supporting student access; teaching effectively with technology; using innovative pedagogies; building learning communities; promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion; managing instructor bandwidth, and more.

There are different ways to participate, so please apply for the session format that you believe is best for your proposed session. Collaborators from other institutions are welcome to join UW-Green Bay employees as proposal co-authors. Although the primary audience for session proposals should be fellow UWGB instructors and staff members, keep in mind that we will also open conference registration to other UW System schools and to all educators. We are pleased and fortunate that our keynote speaker, Dr. Kevin Gannon, will be leading two distinct workshops in addition to the keynote address. As a result, there will be fewer presentation slots available compared to previous years.

Deadline for Applications: Monday, Nov. 6, 2023.

How to Apply

First, decide on your preferred format from the options below. Next, click on the Submit Proposal button above to submit your application. You will be asked to provide your name(s), your desired format, a session summary of 200 to 250 words to aid in the selection process, and a 2 to 4 sentence description of your project that could be used for promotional materials, such as the conference program. Finally, be sure to submit your proposal by Nov. 6, 2023.

Session Formats


  • Individual presentation (20 minutes or 45 minutes): A live presentation where participants can share a topic of their choice. Keep in mind that if you want to have Q&A, it must be included within the 20 or 45 minutes time slot.
  • Group presentation (45 minutes): A small group presenting on a shared topic (e.g., Roundtable discussion, panel presentation, etc.). Any Q&A must be included in the 45-minute time slot.


  • On-Demand Interactive Session: These sessions could consist of papers, posters, or pre-recorded presentations (from 5 to 20 minutes in length), with an online discussion board for Q & A or PlayPosit interactions. On-demand sessions will open at the beginning of the conference and run until the end of the conference.


If you have questions about proposals, submissions, or the IDI in general, please reach out to us at!

Call for 2023-24 EDI Consultant Program (Applications Due Monday, Sept. 25)

The overarching goals of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Consultant program are to increase UWGB’s use of evidence-based inclusive and equity-minded teaching strategies, reduce equity gaps, and promote an academic environment in which all students feel welcome and have the opportunity to succeed. The program defines diversity broadly and has included projects on student parent advocacy, first generation college students, Indigenous pedagogies, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Now entering its third year, the EDI Consultant program has evolved and will be implementing some changes for 2023-24. In an attempt to serve even more instructors, UWGB will begin offering the program with two tiers. Thanks to generous support from Vice Chancellors Dr. Kate Burns and Dr. Dawn Crim, we are calling for applications to each tier with the hope that we can support both instructors with advanced skills in the pedagogies mentioned above and those who have little or no experience with inclusive teaching approaches, but who want to learn more.

Tier One – EDI Training and Micro-Credentialing

The first tier will be called the EDI Consultant Community of Practice. It will engage selected instructors in readings, peer review, and other activities designed to help them reflect upon and improve their own course(s) by following evidence-based principles of equity-minded, inclusive instruction and universal design (which aims at course design that serves the needs of all). The experience will run for the academic year. At the end of the year participants can claim the title of “EDI Consultant,” a certification or credential that will remain with them for their time at UWGB. We hope this community of practice will have at least one representative from each of the four colleges at UWGB. Instructors of all experience levels, both in teaching overall and in inclusive pedagogies, are welcome to apply.


Selected applicants will receive a stipend of $1500 for the 2023-24 academic year. Participation will involve approximately 3 hybrid or virtual meetings per semester, completion of assigned readings, and a final deliverable of 2-3 modules of one of their current courses in Canvas with revisions made to enhance inclusivity and universal design practices. A short reflection paper on the kinds of course revisions made and why will also be required.

To Apply

Send an email to that includes the following: name, unit, brief (2-3 page) teaching-related CV, and a one-half to one-page (maximum) statement of interest explaining why you wish to become an EDI Consultant and what courses or issues you hope to work on. Deadline: 9/25/23.

Tier Two – EDI Project Leaders

The second tier is intended for instructors who have completed Tier One of the program already and are prepared to independently enact (or continue with) a substantial, ongoing EDI-related project focused on instructor development. An example of a substantial, ongoing project might be something like offering well-developed monthly sessions during an academic year for instructors on teaching and supporting students who are neurodivergent. Standalone presentations or consultations with colleagues would not be sufficient to meet the criteria for a “substantial” and “ongoing” project.

Note that this additional tier is not routine or expected of consultants who have completed Tier One. The Tier Two EDI Project Leader grants are designed to support those who have completed Tier One and wish to continue existing programs or develop new program proposals with exceptional potential to have a positive, sustained impact on instructors either within a college or university-wide. Successful proposals will also be assigned an undergraduate intern to provide support for the project.


Selected applicants will receive a stipend of $1500 for the 2023-24 academic year. The specific details of participation will be outlined in a written agreement at the beginning of the academic year based on the nature of the project.

To Apply

Send an email to that includes the following: name, unit, brief (2-3 page) teaching-related CV, and a one-half to one-page statement of interest describing your proposed project and why or how you believe it will benefit UWGB instructors and, thus, UWGB students. Under separate cover, please ask your Dean or one of the EDI Consultant co-leaders (Stacie Christian or Kris Vespia) to write a short letter (about a paragraph) of support for this project and your involvement in it. That letter should also be sent to Deadline: 9/25/23.

Session Recording: “Getting Starting with Canvas: Building Your First Module” (Aug. 25, 2023)

Session Description

New to Canvas and not sure where to start? In this one-hour workshop, we will walk you through the essentials for building your first module! Learn about the features you might need to prepare your class including pages, assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

Session Recording: “Creating and Sharing Video Recordings with Kaltura My Media” (Aug. 31, 2023) 

Session Recording

Instructors at UWGB can use Kaltura My Media to create, upload, and share videos in Canvas courses. Join us for a one-hour session where we will cover how to create and share engaging instructional videos with Kaltura’s easy-to-use media tools and unlimited storage space.

Session Recording: “Getting Your Canvas Gradebook Going” (Aug. 30, 2023)

Session Description

Maintaining an accurate gradebook in Canvas benefits students in any class modality. Bring your questions to this session as we explore the ins and outs of using the feature-rich Canvas gradebook.