Color Your Stress Away

Sharpen your colored pencils and dig out your favorite markers because staying inside the lines isn’t just for kids. Adult coloring books are one of the hottest trends! These coloring books look a little different from what you may remember using when you were a child. Instead of featuring cartoon characters with generous room to fill in the outline, coloring books geared toward a more mature crowd often contain tight spaces and intricate designs.

Color Yourself HappyColoring

The great news is that coloring may be even more than a fun activity. Research shows that it can be a healthy way to help you de-stress and unwind. A study in the journal Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that just 30 minutes of an artistic activity, like coloring, is enough to reduce anxiety levels.

  • If you’re feeling stressed out, give yourself permission to step away and do something else to help take the edge off.
  • Taking 20 minutes to do an activity that makes you feel good, such as coloring, can help you feel less overwhelmed when you return to the stressful activity later.

So pick up an adult coloring book today and enjoy some relaxing, creative time!

Article from the StayWell Company, LLC