Avoid Late-Night Eating

FridgeNightTossing and turning while everyone else is asleep? Maybe that late-night meal is to blame. Heavy foods too close to bedtime can leave you restless in bed. What’s more, eating large meals late at night may also lead to packing on unwanted pounds. If you find yourself hungry before bedtime tonight, don’t reach for that leftover pizza. Instead, have a light snack. For instance, try yogurt, carrots with hummus, a banana, or a handful of almonds. Avoid indulging in greasy and spicy foods.

Still not convinced? Eating too much before you hit the hay can also lead to acid reflux and indigestion. For a more satisfying slumber, think twice the next time you consider having that “fourth meal,” and opt for a small amount of lighter fare instead!

Article from the StayWell Company, LLC