Annual Reminder – Review and Update Personal Information

Employees are able to update their personal information independently by going through the UW System Portal.  Annually, we request that employees review their personal information to ensure accuracy (address, phone number, emergency contacts, martial status, ethnicity, etc.).

In addition, federal regulations passed in March 2014 require employers to periodically invite employees to self-identify their veteran and disability status. Please view the FAQ document for additional information related to this request. Self-identification information is confidential and will be kept confidentially as part of your employee record in HR. Identifying as a person with a disability in the portal does not initiate an accommodation request. If you would like to request an accommodation for a disability, please see the Procedures for Determining Reasonable Accommodations in Employment.

Instructions for updating personal information in your portal:

Step 1: Log into the My UW System Portal

Step 2: Click on the box titled “Personal Information”


Step 3: Review address detail, disability status, veteran status, and ethnic groups by individually clicking view/update in your portal. Each link will take you into HRS to view and update your information.

Step 4: Click your name in the upper right hand corner and click “logout”.  You have completed the review/update!