Fit More Fitness Into Your Workday

Moving more at work is easier said than done, especially if your job requires a lot of sitting. But physical activity can be added into the average workday in ways you may not realize.Chair

Take a Stand    

Set an alarm on your phone or computer for every 30 minutes. When it rings, do a two-minute exercise challenge.

2 Minute Challenge Ideas

Exercise can be done almost anywhere at any time at work. Here are some tips to get you off on the right track:

  • Walk in place with high knees
  • Perform arm circles forward for one minute, then backwards for another minute
  • Squats or walking lunges
  • Desk pushups

To gain support, challenge a coworker to perform these exercises together.

Quick Tip: Try changing out your chair. Use a stability ball instead of a chair to challenge your core and improve your posture.

Article from The StayWell Company, LLC