20 Easy Ways to Get More Exercise

When you think of exercise, you probably picture activities such as jogging, cycling, or lifting weights in a gym. However, exercise can take many different forms. The goal is to spend more time moving. What’s more, your workouts don’t have to last for a full 30 minutes at a time. You can break them up into smaller chunks throughout the day, lasting at least 10 minutes. Here are 20 ways to sneak in more exercise.

  1. Take a walk after dinner every night.WalkingDog
  2. Turn up the music and dance!
  3. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  4. Park farther away from buildings so you get in more steps.
  5. Play a sport—join a local team and you’ll get in a workout while making new friends.
  6. Do chores around the house that keep you on your feet.
  7. Walk your dog instead of letting him outside in the yard.
  8. Stand up and walk while taking work calls instead of sitting.
  9. Hit the mall and walk, especially if the weather isn’t ideal for strolling outside.
  10. Work in the yard—rake, weed, plant, or mow.
  11. Skip the car wash and wash your car by hand.
  12. Stay active while watching TV—walk around, jog in place, or do sit-ups.
  13. Find exercise YouTube videos you enjoy doing at home.
  14. Choose family activities that keep you active, such as going to the park, lake, or zoo.
  15. Join your kids and go swimming at the pool.
  16. When it snows, use a shovel instead of a snowblower.
  17. Find an exercise buddy—a friend or family member who can help you stick with your plan, exercise together, and motivate you to live a more active life.
  18. Go hiking at a nearby park.
  19. Walk up and down the sidelines during your kids’ sports games.
  20. Keep hand weights available so you can grab them and do a few reps any time, even while on the phone.

Article from The StayWell Company, LLC