Benefits Enrollment and Change Period

Annual Benefit Enrollment and Change Period October 3 – 28, 2011

There are important changes to benefits for 2012 that may require action to be taken during the Benefit Enrollment and Change Period that begins October 3, 2011 and ends October 28, 2011 for all participating plans.  All changes made during this period will be effective January 1, 2012.  Detailed information is available on the UW System Benefit Enrollment and Change website, as well as the fall enrollment flyer:

New this October – Make Your Benefit Elections Online:  This the first year that we are eligible to make our benefit elections online through HRS self-service.  Beginning on October 3rd, we may use self-service by logging into My UW System and going to the Benefit Information module and clicking on the Open Enrollment link.  Please refer to the Open Enrollment Quick Start Guide and the Open Enrollment Knowledge Base document for additional information.

If elections are not made through HRS self-service, employees will need to submit paper applications to the UW-Green Bay Human Resources office.

The Following Benefit Plans Will Offer Enrollment and/or Change Opportunities October 3 – October 28

  • State Group Health Insurance – see the It’s Your Choice Decision and Reference Guides for details:
  • Dental Wisconsin Dental Insurance
  • EPIC Benefits+ (graduated dental benefits if you enroll during special enrollment)
  • VSP Vision Insurance
  • Anthem DentalBlue Dental Insurance (change period only)
  • UW Employees, Inc. Life Insurance
  • Individual and Family Group Life Insurance (annual increase period only – no new enrollments)
  • Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) Program – you cannot use HRS self-service to enroll in ERA – you must use Fringe Benefit Management Company’s online enrollment process available at:

Important Benefits Changes for 2012

  • State Group Health Insurance – true open enrollment period (can enroll if not currently enrolled); implementation of 10% coinsurance for non-preventive services (up to an annual maximum)
  • Anthem DentalBlue: change period only – no new enrollments allowed for 2012.  Plan will no longer be available in 2013.
  • EPIC Benefits+: removed excess medical benefit; added Surgery & Hospital benefit
  • Change to Adult Child Eligibility: adult children will be eligible for coverage under health, vision, dental and Benefits+ until the end of the month in which they turn age 26 (they were previously eligible until the end of the month in which they turned 27).
  • Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) program:  the coinsurance that you pay under State Group Health Insurance for eligible services qualifies for reimbursement under the ERA program.
  • Change to Coverage End Date:  coverage under all benefit plans, except State Group Life Insurance, will end at the end of the month in which you terminate employment or retire.

Some of the Actions That May Be Taken During the Benefit Enrollment and Change Period Include:

  • Change health insurance plans and enroll in health insurance if not currently enrolled.
  • Change from single to family health insurance or add additional eligible family members to family health insurance.
  • Enroll in plans that have an enrollment opportunity.
  • Increase Individual and Family Life Insurance coverage if already enrolled.
  • Add or remove vision insurance from EPIC Benefits+ if already enrolled.
  • Cancel health, vision, dental or EPIC Benefits+ coverage for 2012.
  • Remove eligible dependent children ages 19-25 or a domestic partner from benefit plans.

Do not delay.   All benefit elections must be submitted by 4:30p.m., Friday, October 28, 2011.  Remember, the Benefit Enrollment and Change Period is typically the only time during the year when you are eligible to make benefit plan changes unless you have a life event (marriage, birth, divorce…) that allows you to add or change benefits.

Please contact Human Resources at or ext. 2390 with questions.