Long Term Care Insurance

Introducing John Hancock’s New Custom Care II Enhanced Long Term Care Insurance Policy

Any state, University or University Hospital and Clinic employee or annuitant may apply for this coverage.   Spouses/domestic partners and parents of state employees and annuitants can also apply.   This voluntary Long Term Care Insurance policy is offered at a discounted premium.   The John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.) represents stability, financial strength and dependability for your future care and estate conservation.

The John Hancock Life Insurance Company (USA) has been a dependable Long Term Care Insurance carrier for the State of Wisconsin program since 1998, and Senior Care Insurance Services has been the marketing agency.

The policy emphasizes HOME CARE Benefits as well as traditional coverage in Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Home Care Benefits include:

* Skilled & Unskilled Visits

* Home Modification

* Emergency Response System

* Primary Care Giver Training

* Homemaker Services

* Necessary Medical Equipment

* Monthly Cash Benefit Rider- additional premium to allow for the use of friends or family for care or other expenses.

* Return of Premium. If the policyholder dies prior to age 65, there is a refund of  paid premiums less any claims paid.  An optional rider can extend this benefit beyond age 65.


This John Hancock Long Term Care Insurance policy also qualifies for the Federal and Wisconsin Governments’ recently enacted PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. Be sure to ask us about the program’s benefits and advantages.

If you would like a personal quote and more information about this state plan, please contact John Hancock at (toll free number) 1-877-578-8400 or e-mail  seniorcare@seniorcareinsurance.net.  Premium will vary with the choice of benefits selected.