Upcoming student rehire process, student employment dates and hiring new student employees

Rehire Process

It’s time to start thinking about the student employees you plan to rehire for the summer and/or Academic Year 2013-2014. Please have a discussion with each of your current student employees regarding your and their intention to continue their employment. In the following weeks you will receive more information regarding the rehire process.

The following students may only work through the last day of exams, May 17, 2013:

  • Those who are graduating
  • Those who are not enrolled for courses for summer or fall
  • Those on Federal Work Study (Note:  Unused Work Study funds will not transfer to another term.)

Employment Period/Payrolls

Summer 2013 Payrolls: June A – August B (5/19/2013-8/24/2013)

Academic Year 2013-2014: September A-May B (8/25/2013-5/16/2014)

The 2012-2013 Academic year ends on 5/17/2013. All students graduating, those not enrolled for courses in the summer or fall and those on Federal Work Study, must stop working on 5/17/2013. Note:  Unused Work Study funds will not transfer to another term.

  • Summer work period begins on 5/19/2013.
  • Students seeking Federal Work Study for summer must complete the Summer Financial Aid Application found on the Financial Aid website: www.uwgb.edu/financial-aid
  • The 2013-2014 Academic year begins on 9/3/2013. Those rehired for the academic year will be rehired effective 8/25/2013 (the beginning of the pay period).

Hiring New Student Employees


Students must be at least 16 years old and enrolled at an institute for higher education or high school to be eligible for student employment.  There are two student eligibility periods:  (1) academic year; and (2) summer session.  During the academic year, students must be enrolled for at least one credit.


Students are employed on a priority basis with UW-Green Bay students receiving first priority.  Priority should be observed according to the Levels listed below.  Before Level II and Level III students are considered, a position must be posted in the PRO system to Level I students for a minimum of two weeks.

Level I

UW-Green Bay students, including new, transfer and specials, registered for at least one credit in the term they are expected to work.

For summer, students can continue employment from spring semester if they are registered for at least one credit in fall.

Level II

Students enrolled at another UW school for fall.  Supervisors are responsible for obtaining verification* of the student’s association with the school system.

Level III

Students enrolled at a non-UW accredited university, technical college, vocational/trade school, or high school.  Supervisors are responsible for obtaining verification* of the student’s association with the school system.

*NOTE:   Examples of documents that verify a student’s enrollment at a school are their class schedule for a current or future semester or a letter from the school confirming their enrollment.

If you are hiring a student from Level II and Level III, you will be able to indicate on the Student Employment Form or Lump Sum Authorization forms if the position was posted in PRO.

ADVERTISING a Student Position

Open positions should be posted in the Phoenix Recruitment Online (PRO) site.  Jobs can be submitted by completing a fill-in-the-blank form found on the Student Employment website: http://www.uwgb.edu/student-employment/employers/opening.asp

Employers with current accounts in the PRO system can post their openings by logging into the system themselves and following instructions found via the Student Employment website: http://www.uwgb.edu/student-employment/employers/other-posting-options.asp

Contact Information:

  • For questions regarding posting employment opportunities or Work Study, contact Diana Delbecchi at delbeccd@uwgb.edu or studentemployment@uwgb.edu.
  • For questions regarding enrollment requirements, hiring priorities, appointment entry, Portal access, timesheets, payroll processing or earnings statements, contact Sousie Lee at lees@uwgb.edu or hr@uwgb.edu.