Questions? No Need to Raise Your Hand…

This is the week just a short (or extremely long) year ago when I decided on UWGB myself. I remember May 1st was the big announcement day at my high school when everyone wore their new college spirit wear.
But I remember still having questions- so I will answer two big ones for you…. Continue reading Questions? No Need to Raise Your Hand…

Life’s A Beach!

When I was in YOUR spot last year discussing colleges with my peers, one girl I talked to had one unique requirement- wherever she went, she wanted to be able walk to the beach. Looking at fun, warm places like California and Florida, she of course didn’t want to go THAT far from home. Little did she (or I, at the time) know that UW-Green Bay would have been a place of interest. Continue reading Life’s A Beach!

Spring Time and Snowflakes

Spring break already happened, I put my flip-flops by the door, I’ve attended more than one day of classes without a jacket, and I finally took down my snowflake window clings to be replaced with beautiful flowers.

But, apparently, Wisconsin is a little confused about this “spring” thing. Continue reading Spring Time and Snowflakes

In Times of Crisis

When I was younger I heard somewhere that in times of crisis, you find out where your real support system is. The week before spring break, I had a love/hate relationship with finding that out.

The Monday before break happened I was sitting through a lab and as the professor was giving his final notes, everyone began to clean up their tables and grab their bags. My first reaction is always to take out my phone and ID and move them to my pockets for easier access. I had four frantic missed calls from various family members and knew something was wrong. Continue reading In Times of Crisis

Fighting The Freshman 15

When I talked to people about college they all warned me about “the freshman 15” a scary term referring to how easy it is for freshman to gain weight now that they are making their own nutrition choices. I didn’t believe them, but just in case, I packed my fat-jeans in my college stuff and came prepared. Continue reading Fighting The Freshman 15

When Katie Met Katie

Over the course of my last semester in high school, I started using more technology in my search for the perfect college.

This year, way more than last, most colleges and universities are using more technology to reach students and discuss what’s important about their institution and why it might be perfect for each prospective student. (Just for example, check GB out using e-mail, AIM, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Youtube, Myspace, and Facebook- as well as, of course, this blog). Continue reading When Katie Met Katie

Meet The Professor

One of the reasons I love attending UWGB was solidified yesterday in the first day of classes. Although I sat through classes that I can see the potential of being extremely challenging for me, I found that the professors impressed and inspired me.

One in particular, a professor for my new science class, spent ten minutes before a relatively large lecture class, shaking hands of students, asking where everyone was from, and asking a question about it that showed he was actually paying attention to your answer. Continue reading Meet The Professor

“I Wish I Was Home…I Wish I Was Back There”

(Since I’m a big musical theater nerd in my spare time…I decided that I could sum up my life and the title for this blog in that quote from the musical THE WIZ.)

At the end of finals week I was more than happy to leave GB. Not the fabulous school, not my friends, but a nice break from academia was welcomed. Even though I would miss some amenities of Green Bay like cable and high-speed internet (which explains the lack of posting, and I apologize)- nothing beats home-cooked meals and old friends. Continue reading “I Wish I Was Home…I Wish I Was Back There”

‘Tis The Season To Be A Phoenix


Final exams are just around the corner and the holidays are quickly approaching. Campus is becoming a dizzy, busy mix of break-anxious and stressed out students. To cure some of these emotions, UWGB started its holiday celebrations this week- and if you ask me- it was just in the nick of time.

For me it started Monday. My on-campus job in the Dean of Students Office called for some office decorating! As the student workers went through boxes of ornaments decorating trees, the university staff in the office played Christmas music and we all talked about family traditions and what presents we were most excited to give to others. Continue reading ‘Tis The Season To Be A Phoenix

Mid-Semester Night’s Dream…

I apologize for my lack of writing the past two weeks or so. Once a semester this funny thing comes around called midterms and it sucks up a lot of your time.On the upside, when the word “midterm” starts buzzing in your classes and appearing on your exam schedule it is like a big flashing neon sign that says “Congratulations! You Are Half Way Done!!!” Continue reading Mid-Semester Night’s Dream…