Spring Time and Snowflakes

Spring break already happened, I put my flip-flops by the door, I’ve attended more than one day of classes without a jacket, and I finally took down my snowflake window clings to be replaced with beautiful flowers.

But, apparently, Wisconsin is a little confused about this “spring” thing.

For example, this month’s GB Nites took place right after spring break. Students spent a Saturday night decorating flower shaped cookies with bright frosting and jimmies, competing in what are typically outdoor games (egg drops, popsicle-stick bridge building, and limbo), and the main attraction- decorating your very own pair of flip-flops. I left the event around midnight, marveling at my amazingly cute new pair of flip-flops and mentally going through my wardrobe for something I could wear them with. When I walked outside I was completely caught off guard and ripped out of my spring-minded state. SNOW?!? Snow. Two inches. So much for flip-flops…

Example 2, on a night out with friends for some late-night snacking/studying we were returning to campus when the driver suddenly slowed down and turned on his brights. I looked out the passenger-side window wondering what he could possibly be seeing-and I was in disbelief. DEER! In the arboretum there was a little family of deer just hanging out. Now, I’m a city girl- I don’t get to see deer that often so- It HAS to be spring, right?
Well, again, nature likes to confuse itself and yesterday there was a robin (which has always been my personal sign of spring) flying through flurries on campus.

On Saturday, my friend and I were antsy to do SOMETHING. After running errands, we decided it was ridiculously nice outside. Armed with just our sweatshirts and a camera, we decided to venture around the gorgeous arboretum for a nice, long, spring walk. Yesterday I was back outside armed with a sweatshirt and my winter coat.
So whether you enjoy your GB Spring days watching nature and wildlife in the arboretum, or attending the fabulous GBNites spring-themed event…be prepared…a snow storm is surely just around the corner…

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