A Day in Jordan’s Life

My day starts bright and early in the morning at 7 am. Waking up around the same time helps me to feel better in the morning and fall asleep better at night. I live on-campus in a traditional apartment, so I don’t have far to go to get to anywhere on campus. I enjoy morning workouts as a good way to wake up and relieve stress, and the Kress is a great place to go for a much-needed stress reliever. I also try to do some of my homework and studying before heading to class, since I work after class on some days.

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A Day in the Life of Marinette Student Sierra Pugh

School. Work. Volleyball. Repeat.

That’s the life of UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus freshman Sierra Pugh. A dedicated student-athlete, Sierra decided to move from Washburn, Wisconsin to start her college journey and continue her athletic career. The Marinette Campus gave her an opportunity to do both! Hard work is nothing new to Pugh – and both her major and sport require it.

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A Day in the Life of UWGB-Manitowoc Student Gwen Olson

Hardworking. Bold. Passionate.

These are just a few words that define life as a UW-Green Bay student – so it’s no surprise that freshman Gwendolyn Olson easily fits the description. Born and raised in Manitowoc, Gwen has just a three-mile commute to the Manitowoc campus, where she’s pursuing an Applied Associate’s Degree and working towards double majoring in Art and Food Science with an emphasis in crop modification. For someone so involved, the day has to start early – 6 a.m. to be exact. “I tend to wake up [early] so I can go for a run at the campus gym or by the lake. On some mornings, I take my younger brother to school,” Olson says.

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Coming to UW-Green Bay – by Ciera L’Huillier

If you were to ask me when I was 14 years old or even when I was 17 years old if I was going to go to college, I would have never hesitated my “Yes!” as an answer. But boy did that change at 18. A month before I left for college I actually regretted making the decision to go. All of my sisters commuted to college, so for me to be the first one to move out was a crazy concept for us to wrap our heads around. My house was always loud and boisterous but most of that was because I was living in it. Yes, I sang every day at the top of my lungs and yes I was the loudest storyteller, so it was difficult to imagine any form of quiet in our house after I left. It was crazy how a decision I felt so certain about could become such a gray area in a matter of a few months. And really all I needed was this summer to have that effect.

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Math Problems

“I’m just bad a math.”
“I’m not going into a STEM major, why do I need all of this math?
“I’m not going to use Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus etc….in real life.”

My high school counselor sat me down my junior year for selecting my senior year classes and informed me that even though I had taken the mandatory three years of college-prep math (Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra- actually I took Algebra 1 twice, but that’s a story for another time) it was in my best interest to take Pre-Calculus my senior year. As you can imagine, I was likely giving him the look your math-challenged students give you that reads: “Seriously?”  He went on to say things that, in hindsight, rang very true:

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Accepted to UWGB-Now What?

Phew, getting in was the first big step toward coming to college. What’s next you ask? Well, we have tried to make it as simple as we can. We have a checklist for freshman and transfer students entering UWGB in Fall of 2012.

Also, join our UWGB class of 2016 on Facebook to get connected and ask questions of your fellow classmates.

Once again, congratulations on your acceptance and GO PHOENIX!

Student Employment

You are probably asking yourself if you should be getting a job while you are attending UWGB as a freshman. And the answer that I would give you is…you sure can if you want. Personally, I didn’t have a job during my freshman year because I wanted to focus on my grades and ease into the “new” college life. In other words, I didn’t want to take on too much too fast. I then worked during winter and summer break to make some extra cash for the following semester. If you do decide to get a job, I would recommend a job here on campus. There are many different opportunities and the convenience is unbeatable. Especially if you don’t have a vehicle, you can walk to work just like you walk to class. In fact, as I write this right blog right now, I am at “work” for the Office of Admissions. Continue reading Student Employment

Fighting The Freshman 15

When I talked to people about college they all warned me about “the freshman 15” a scary term referring to how easy it is for freshman to gain weight now that they are making their own nutrition choices. I didn’t believe them, but just in case, I packed my fat-jeans in my college stuff and came prepared. Continue reading Fighting The Freshman 15

Family Weekend!

Saturday February 21st and Sunday the 22nd brought parents to UWGB for the annual Family Weekend.
Family Weekend is truly a great chance for parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters to come down and spend some quality, fun time with their college student. Especially if they live far away from Green Bay and don’t get much of a chance to visit. Continue reading Family Weekend!