From the Director’s Desk: Fall 2021

Executive director of admissions Rachele BakicAs we look forward to a new class of amazing students joining us this fall, I wanted to share a bit about our support systems that allow a wide variety of students to succeed here at UW-Green Bay. We a multi-campus comprehensive university, with a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, social justice, civic engagement, and access to education for all who seek it.

This past summer, we offered our first Bridge Program focused on assisting students toward success in their first year at UW-Green Bay. This program allowed select students to take foundational credit-bearing courses and partake in co-curricular activities in the weeks prior to the start of the fall semester. Our support programs utilize the weeks prior to the semester to create a longer, more gradual transition period for these students.
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From the Director’s Desk – Spring 2021

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change, so do our adjustments and accommodations for prospective students. Here at UW-Green Bay, we’re striving to remove as many barriers as possible for you – and the students you serve. From programming options and counselor resources to our new student portal, we’re working hard every day to bring higher education to as many students as possible.  Continue reading From the Director’s Desk – Spring 2021

From the Director’s Desk – Bachelor’s Degrees at All Four Campuses

Over the last two years, UW-Green Bay has grown not only in enrollment but also as a regional foot-print in Wisconsin. As a regional comprehensive university, we’re committed to the mission of serving the communities in which we reside. Since the announcement of our reimagined four-location university, leadership at UW-Green Bay has had the opportunity to partner with the Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan communities to assess the industry needs that can be met by additional options and offerings from UW-Green Bay. Continue reading From the Director’s Desk – Bachelor’s Degrees at All Four Campuses

The “Why” Behind Application Material Requirements

As we move into another exciting fall of wonderful students and exciting college applications, I wanted to share a little background on UW-Green Bay’s requirements for official application materials. As you know, it’s important for us to review accurate academic information to align our decisions with students’ greatest likelihood of success at the UW-Green Bay campuses. High school transcripts and test scores are an important way of gathering that information about historical academic performance.

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From the Director’s Desk…

The exciting times continue at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Building on five consecutive years of enrollment growth, as covered by local news, we have seen a strong and exciting launch into our first year as a four-campus university. Now with campus locations in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan, UW-Green Bay can provide a new level of access and support to students seeking to continue their education in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Nursing at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay has very strong partnerships to bring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to students looking to work in the nursing field. Because there are multiple pathways, it can be confusing to navigate. Our Admissions team is ready to explain all the possible pathways and find the best fit for students. If you have a student interested in Nursing please connect them with us. Here is a snapshot of our different pathways.

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