From the Director’s Desk: Staying Local (and how we want to make it easier)

The past eight weeks have been a blur. They’ve been trying, stressful, and challenging for us all – but they’ve also been promising here at UW-Green Bay. As orientation and registration commence, we’re seeing that our students are still keeping their eyes on the future and striving towards their goals. They’re still getting accepted, signing housing contracts, and enrolling in classes for the fall semester. Things may not be normal, but our resilient and driven students are not backing down.

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Alumni Q&A: Vicki Ritchie

The oldest of three and a first-generation college student, Vicki (Glaser) Ritchie knew that she would have to work hard to pay for college on her own – but she also knew it was worth it. When she left Howards Grove High School and stepped onto UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus for her first year she didn’t realize the doors that she had just opened for herself.

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Transitioning to Online Learning

Almost all, if not all students have been transitioning to online classes. I know some people prefer online learning for its flexibility but for me, it’s been devastating. It’s okay to be upset about your classes moving online. For some of us college students, we attended a university because we wanted in-person learning for our degrees. We lived in the dorms to get away from home and live a social lifestyle with our friends. And before we knew it, we attended our last lectures and were asked to move out as soon as possible. We were asked to cancel our spring break trips and some of us didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to our classmates. Continue reading Transitioning to Online Learning

In a Time of Uncertainty

We’re in a time where we are asked to stay far apart, but it’s also a time where we need to be closer than ever. Virtually at least. We’ve been hearing the phrase, “This is our new normal,” a lot lately. This is our new normal, for now, and some of us have been in denial about it. Some moments I’ve been having so much fun that I appreciate it and miss it before it’s over. Other times I have been reminded of memories that I’ve taken for granted. I am sure we all have. But never did I think I would be asked to imagine or LIVE a day where even going to the gym, the park or a friend’s house for a few hours would be taken for granted. Everyday casual activities are being limited in a matter of minutes leaving us bored at home. We took something as simple as a human touch for granted. Continue reading In a Time of Uncertainty

Keep Your Connections

Hello, fellow seniors and welcome to the most uncertain time for education in modern history. 


I can only imagine that at first, many of you saw self-quarantining as an extended spring break – a time where you get to rule the house when mom or dad wasn’t home, sleep as long as you’d like and binge the latest Netflix craze (Tiger King, anyone?). I’m speaking from experience; that’s exactly what I’m doing as a 26-year-old senior in college. Weeks ago, when this virus first became relevant to the USA, we didn’t take it as seriously as we should have. Now as a pandemic, it’s reshaping how humanity views each other, both as individuals and on a global scale.

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Reimagine UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus

SheVegas. Sheboygan. Home. Whatever you call it, home is a wonderful place to be – so why not stay for college too? In addition to the significant cost savings, there is a heap of reasons to call this charming and quirky city your home for just a little longer. So, pause what you know about Sheboygan and the UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus and reimagine yourself here. Continue reading Reimagine UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus

A Day in the Life of Marinette Student Sierra Pugh

School. Work. Volleyball. Repeat.

That’s the life of UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus freshman Sierra Pugh. A dedicated student-athlete, Sierra decided to move from Washburn, Wisconsin to start her college journey and continue her athletic career. The Marinette Campus gave her an opportunity to do both! Hard work is nothing new to Pugh – and both her major and sport require it.

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A Virtual Visit to the Sheboygan Campus

Just minutes away from the Lake Michigan shores, UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan campus is a city highlight on a hilltop – 70 acres of wildlife, technology, and fun waiting to be explored. The ever-evolving industries of our area provide Sheboygan campus students with a unique landscape from which to begin their college journey. Whether it’s academic, athletic or art-filled – the Sheboygan campus has something for everyone!

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Getting to Know the Manitowoc Campus

Sitting on 40 acres of Lake Michigan coastline, UW-Green Bay’s Manitowoc campus is part of one of the nation’s most respected university systems. With an average class size of just 16, professors are able to engage with students on a personal level and guide them towards their goals for the future. There’s more to the Manitowoc campus, however than just outstanding academia; make yourself familiar with the top five must-sees of the Manitowoc campus.

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