A Rising Phoenix: Drew A.

Green Bay Preble High School student Drew is part of Rising Phoenix, a program that allows high school juniors and seniors to finish their high school diploma and earn an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree simultaneously. So, what does “dual enrollment” in high school and college look like for Drew?

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What is UW-Green Bay Known For?

I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in my sophomore year and am now a senior at the Green Bay campus. Of the variety of colleges in Wisconsin, UWGB stood out to me. UW-Green Bay focuses on community and acceptance. Everyone you meet on campus is driven, resilient, friendly, and willing to support you. 

UW-Green Bay is known for many things: quality academics, NCAA Division I athletics, arts, and culture. On top of that, its four campuses (in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan) comprise the fastest-growing school in the UW System. And that’s all great, but don’t you want to hear it from a student? 

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From a Student Himself!

We know that you have plenty of questions that you’d like answered and sometimes, hearing it from an admissions counselor just doesn’t cut it. Enter Ben. Ben Dresdow, a student ambassador at UW-Green Bay, can answer nearly any question that you have about student life or attending UW-Green Bay. Here are his answers to some of the most common questions.

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How Kayley Launched Her Research Career from the Marinette Campus

At UW-Green Bay, high-impact experiences – the ones that set students up for success – are our bread and butter. Hands-on and in-the-field work are the backbone of students’ education while attending any of UW-Green Bay’s campuses, but one student, in particular, has really taken advantage of the opportunities she’s had access to.  Continue reading How Kayley Launched Her Research Career from the Marinette Campus

Reimagine UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus

SheVegas. Sheboygan. Home. Whatever you call it, home is a wonderful place to be – so why not stay for college too? In addition to the significant cost savings, there is a heap of reasons to call this charming and quirky city your home for just a little longer. So, pause what you know about Sheboygan and the UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus and reimagine yourself here. Continue reading Reimagine UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus

A Virtual Visit to the Sheboygan Campus

Just minutes away from the Lake Michigan shores, UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan campus is a city highlight on a hilltop – 70 acres of wildlife, technology, and fun waiting to be explored. The ever-evolving industries of our area provide Sheboygan campus students with a unique landscape from which to begin their college journey. Whether it’s academic, athletic or art-filled – the Sheboygan campus has something for everyone!

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