Reimagine UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus

SheVegas. Sheboygan. Home. Whatever you call it, home is a wonderful place to be – so why not stay for college too? In addition to the significant cost savings, there is a heap of reasons to call this charming and quirky city your home for just a little longer. So, pause what you know about Sheboygan and the UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus and reimagine yourself here.

Lakeside Living

The Sheboygan area has an eclectic mix of people and interests – there’s something for everyone! Based on the shores of Lake Michigan, it’s safe to assume that water activities are everywhere. When was the last time you heard of a surfing contest in the Midwest? How about charter fishing? Sheboygan has both. If you woke up here in the summer, you might confuse Sheboygan with a southern state. They don’t call us the Malibu of the Midwest for nothing.

Get Outside!

The call of the wild is real here. You can get outdoors in all seasons – not just in the summer. Disc golf at one of our parks. Hike through Maywood or cross-country ski through Evergreen Park. Go sledding at Vollrath Bowl or Kiwanis Park. If high-impact activities aren’t exactly your ‘thing’, walk out to the lighthouse (weather permitting) or mosey on over to Food Truck Mondays. On the weekends, support local small businesses at the farmer’s market.

The Sheboygan Advantage

There are so many beautiful parts of Sheboygan that you perhaps didn’t take advantage of in high school, so don’t let the same happen with your college education. As a part of UW-Green Bay, students on the Sheboygan campus have access to a wide range of majors and degree offerings. No longer a campus offering only associate’s degrees, the Sheboygan Campus is part of a four-year institution from which you can receive your bachelor’s degree, without the added costs of room & board. Talk about revolutionizing the education system!

We’re giving you access to world-class faculty that are here to support you – they’re student-focused, not research-focused like other large schools. Take Dr. Kabrhel as an example. This chemistry professor’s love of pseudoscience takes his students’ learning beyond foundational chemistry and into the realm of critical thinking. He makes it a point that all of his students learn how to discern scientific facts from fads in media, in order to better recognize lifestyle changes that will actually do what they claim to.

Dr. Kabrhel isn’t the only one providing real-life applications for his students – Dr. Christy Talbott is doing the same from a musical perspective. As a professor of music theory and history, Talbott strives to help students discover the ways in which music can stimulate brain function, and why the apps meant to do the same may not be the solution after all.  And these are just two examples of the great professors you will find at your homegrown campus.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let the right opportunity pass you by – see how your time at UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus could transform your future. Ready to get started? Contact an admissions counselor to begin today!