A Rising Phoenix: Drew A.

Green Bay Preble High School student Drew is part of Rising Phoenix, a program that allows high school juniors and seniors to finish their high school diploma and earn an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree simultaneously. So, what does “dual enrollment” in high school and college look like for Drew?

Drew A.
Green Bay Preble student Drew 

Drew is currently a junior in high school, but the Rising Phoenix program also makes him the first in his family to attend college, known as a first-generation student. His fascination with history sparked the idea to pursue a Political Science degree. “One of my biggest career aspirations is to run for public office, and, in particular, to be a figure isolated from the polarized political climate that we all are much too familiar with,” Drew said.

As new-to-college students,  Rising Phoenix participants start off with a First-Year Seminar course that teaches them how to acclimate to college during their first semester. “The First-Year Seminar has taught me a lot about the complexities of college, including majors and minors, as well as getting to know my career values.” Drew continued, “First-Year Seminar was a great class in preparing me for the future, whether that is in college or in a career.”

UW-Green Bay staff Adam Landenberger.
UW-Green Bay staff Adam Landenberger

Besides attending class and interacting with professors, Rising Phoenix students each have a mentor to keep tabs on their progress, answer any questions and problem solve for any bumps in the road. “Adam Landenberger has made my transition into college classes so much easier. Before my classes even began, I had no idea what the format of learning was going to be. Really for the first time, I asked Adam for help and later became very comfortable with asking him anything,” Drew said, “Adam helps me stay on top of everything through our one-on-one meetings and his reminders. Overall, this transition couldn’t have been done without Adam.”

Drew plans to complete his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and as he chooses the college for the next steps of his education, he is grateful for the opportunities that the Rising Phoenix program provides him. “I have nothing but positive things to say about the Rising Phoenix program, so I would highly encourage participation [because of] the clear and easy transition/orientation, the opportunity to graduate high school with 60 college credits and the immense amount of knowledge one could pick up along the way.”

To learn more about the Rising Phoenix program and its participating high schools, please visit uwgb.edu/rising-phoenix, email risingphoenix@uwgb.edu, or call 920-465-2222.

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