What UW-Green Bay is known for, fall colors on campus

What is UW-Green Bay Known For?

I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in my sophomore year and am now a senior at the Green Bay campus. Of the variety of colleges in Wisconsin, UWGB stood out to me. UW-Green Bay focuses on community and acceptance. Everyone you meet on campus is driven, resilient, friendly, and willing to support you. 

UW-Green Bay is known for many things: quality academics, NCAA Division I athletics, arts, and culture. On top of that, its four campuses (in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan) comprise the fastest-growing school in the UW System. And that’s all great, but don’t you want to hear it from a student? 

UWGB MAC Hall Friends
UW-Green Bay Community

Making College Affordable 

It’s no secret UW-Green Bay is good at making college affordableCollege Factual ranks UW-Green Bay as a good value for your money and I wanted a great college experience that wouldn’t put me in serious debt. Let’s face it, college is expensive, but it’s an investment — undergrad tuition and fees at UW-Green Bay cost $7,874 for Wisconsin residents. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the UW-Green Bay Class of 2017 had the lowest average loan debt of Wisconsin public schools. More affordable tuition means my student loans will be easier to pay off. 

On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities
On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

Campus Arboretum 

If you love nature as much as I do, you’re going to have a great experience exploring the Arboretum. The 290-acre Cofrin Memorial Arboretum encircles the UWGB campus with six miles of trails perfect for hiking, wildlife viewing, research, and field trips. See how many different animals you can find! There are a variety of different species, including wild turkeys and deer. Also, keep a lookout for the hidden chapel! Grab an arboretum map (pdf) here. 

UWGB Campus Arboretum Trail
Cofrin Memorial Arboretum Trail, Green Bay Campus

Nicest Dorms 

On the GB campus, we call them residence halls, because they’re so much more than a dorm. The residence halls have private bathrooms in every room, which I haven’t seen at any other Wisconsin college. There are also private bedroom apartments and shared bedroom apartments on campus. All the housing is just a short walk to the main campus buildings. Living on campus made it easy for me to make friends and meet new people. Don’t think living on campus is for you? That’s okay too! There are a wide variety of different affordable off-campus housing options to choose from. My roommate and I live in an apartment complex within walking distance from campus.

UWGB Apartment Living Room Friends
UW-Green Bay Apartment Living Room
UWGB Dorm Room Floor Plan
UW-Green Bay Dorm Room Floor Plan

Campus Tunnels 

Are you worried about walking to all your classes during a snowstorm? Don’t be! UW-Green Bay is known for its tunnel system. The tunnels are lit up, heated hallways connecting all the main campus buildings. They make it super convenient in the winter! If you want the real reason for these underground walkways, Founding Chancellor Edward W. Weidner stated, “We decided that we would have to do something different, not because of the weather, but because our academic plan is related to problem-solving… So what we are doing is constructing one continuous big building, with no individual fortresses…”  

Green Bay Campus Tunnels

Kress Events Center 

Also, don’t miss the Kress Events Center, UW-Green Bay’s sports and recreation facility. I like that the Kress has a large fitness center, perfect for cardio or weight training exercises. The Kress also has a pool and houses UREC, which offers group exercise classes, intramural sports, and UREC Outdoor Adventure. UWGB is also home to 14 D-1 athletics teams. This provides another way to meet people with the same interests as you. Make sure to check out basketball games at the Kress Events Center!  

UWGB Kress Events Center Bubble Soccer Event
UW-Green Bay Kress Events Center Bubble Soccer Event
Homecoming Mens Basketball Kress
Homecoming Men’s Basketball Game at the Kress Events Center

Most Useful Degrees for the Future 

Like many students, I chose my major based on what I think will lead to a great job in the future. I’m lucky enough to be majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. From my experience class sizes tend to be smaller, which is perfect for a more one-on-one learning experience. Professors are willing to help if you have any problems, and they’re always working toward getting to know you better. If you ever need help trying to decide which bachelor’s degree will be most useful for you or the best for your future, academic advisors are available to speak withUWGB’s top 10 programs are Business AdministrationPsychologyHuman BiologyNursingBiologyAccountingEducationHuman DevelopmentOrganizational Leadership, and Computer Science and there are a wide variety of majors and minors to choose from. 

UW-Green Bay Nursing Lab
UW-Green Bay Nursing Students Work in the Simulation Lab in Wood Hall

Why I transferred to UW-Green Bay 

Before UWGB, I attended both a community college and a private university. The community college I went to didn’t give me many opportunities for socializing. Since it was a two-year college, there weren’t many options for majors and minors. The private school had an overwhelming number of rules, which I found restrictingWhen it came to food, the private university had a poor selection. All my classes at the private school were chosen for me, which made it impossible to explore my interests or take any electives. Also, the private school cost over two times as much as UWGB. I like how UWGB gives you the freedom you need in college while also emphasizing the importance of education.  

UWGB Engineering Class
UW-Green Bay Engineering Class

About the Author

UWGB Student Erica Brown

This article was written by Erica Brown. Erica is a college student in her senior year at UW-Green Bay majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She is from Pleasant Prairie, WI.