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We know that you have plenty of questions that you’d like answered and sometimes, hearing it from an admissions counselor just doesn’t cut it. Enter Ben. Ben Dresdow, a student ambassador at UW-Green Bay, can answer nearly any question that you have about student life or attending UW-Green Bay. Here are his answers to some of the most common questions.

Ben Dresdow
Ben Dresdow, Class of 2022

Ben is an undergraduate student who intends to continue on into a master’s program after he graduates. Besides being an ambassador, he works in the Office of Student Life and at Camp Lloyd in the summer. He’s great at keeping busy and has come into contact with nearly everything and everyone during his time here.


Q: What kind of student were you in high school?

A: I was a fairly well-rounded student between sports and academics; however, I was much more introverted than I am these days. I had a smaller core group of friends with who I associated myself primarily and didn’t dedicate as much time getting to know as many people as I could. Once I got to college, I broke out of my shell significantly, participated in more and more opportunities than I ever did, and became a much more academically focused student.

Q: What did you find to be the hardest part of coming to college?

A: Personally, I was nervous coming up to school as I didn’t know anyone from my hometown planning on going to UWGB, so in a way, I was essentially starting fresh. Up until my first day on campus, I was feeling those nerves quite a bit. Within the three days of orientation at GB Welcome, however, all those nerves melted away and I came to feel quite comfortable three hours from the town I called home for most of my life.

Q: What made it easier?

A: Meeting other people! I made that a huge priority during those first couple of weeks and I highly recommend any college student does the same. Participating in all the orientation events such as the Lambeau Tailgate, and the Variety Show (a talent show for the first-year students) allowed me to get to know a group of really close friends, and also make many faces familiar ones.

Q: What’s the easiest way to make a new friend?

A: Get out of your room. It doesn’t matter what you do after that, but you are giving yourself a chance the moment you walk out the door. Go to events like Bingo Nights, bands and musicians on campus, intramurals, even just going to study in the library rather than your room gives you a chance to meet people. I met all three of my roommates within my first three days on campus.

Q: What is your current credit load?

A: This semester I am taking 16 credits (four classes and an internship) which gives me about two classes a day while being off on Fridays! I have taken more and less depending on the semester.

Q: What are your evenings like?

A: Evenings vary for me, but I always do my best to keep them busy, as I feel very productive around that time. I spend a couple hours working on homework and studying for upcoming exams, and then take some time to unwind. I’ll go to the Kress Center and get a quick workout done or maybe play some basketball with friends. Other days I may have intramural basketball or whiffle ball to look forward to!

If it’s nice outside I love going out on the trails for a run/walk or off-campus to play some frisbee golf at Baird Creek (there is an on-campus course as well)! After some fun, I will look back at my schedule for tomorrow to make sure there aren’t any assignments or work responsibilities that I forgot about, and then I will draft a to-do list for the next day. After that, I may watch a show with my roommates or play some video games before getting ready for bed.

Q: Do you leave campus much? Did you as a first-year student?

A: Not super often, but if I do it is usually to go out for dinner or groceries or if we planned an adventure with friends. I would say roughly three times a week, give or take. I probably left less often as a first-year student, as I didn’t have a car on campus (but you can) or a lot of money saved up. There is so much to do on campus though, I never really felt as though I was stuck.

Q: How often do you go home?

A: I typically will drive home about two or three times per semester to spend some time with family. Usually, it is to spend some time with my little nephew. He’s only a year old, so I think it’s important to spend time with him while he’s so little. My parents have a lot of fun when they come up here to visit, as I make sure to plan some fun activities. Last time my mom, sisters, and nephew came up and we went to the nature reserve and Titletown!

Q: Why are you still choosing UW-Green Bay?

A: I came to this campus because it felt like home to me, and as though I could make real strides to becoming a strong leader, and a well-involved person within a community. Throughout the past three years, I remain confident that I made the right choice. Every opportunity I wanted both inside and outside of the classroom was within my grasp to reach for. I made connections with professors who are now supporting me as I apply to master’s programs. I found on-campus positions with admissions, student life, and Camp Lloyd, and I have made close friendships with people I know I can depend on whenever I need them!

Q: What is one mistake first-year students make that you would offer advice on?

A: I tend not to be a very regretful person, however, I would say I wish I spent more time to slow down and simply live in the moment. College goes fast, and I want to enjoy every moment.

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