Why should you visit a college BEFORE you apply?

  1. All colleges are different. Don’t assume that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.
  2. Location, location, location! Do you like the big city atmosphere, or something a little quieter? Take a walk around the campus and check out the surrounding area.

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Twelve Bonuses to Visiting UW-Green Bay this Summer.

  1. No weather issues like a snow storm!
  2. Don’t miss any classes. (It’s summer break!)
  3. You can convince the folks to take you to Packer Practice
  4. Get out of that boring summer job for a day.
  5. See what a real college classroom looks like.
  6. You can wear flip flops on your tour.
  7. Tan while you’re on tour.
  8. Get a free “green” tote to carry your things around in.
  9. Make it part of your Door County vacation.
  10. After the tour, work on your golf game or Frisbee golf game, we have both right on campus!
  11. Make a request to hear your favorite song on the carillon.
  12. See what UWGB residence hall looks like (It’s different than others-come find out why.

Scheduling a campus visit is easy. Get started!