When Katie Met Katie

Over the course of my last semester in high school, I started using more technology in my search for the perfect college.

This year, way more than last, most colleges and universities are using more technology to reach students and discuss what’s important about their institution and why it might be perfect for each prospective student. (Just for example, check GB out using e-mail, AIM, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Youtube, Myspace, and Facebook- as well as, of course, this blog).

There is a plethora of information at your finger tips.

More importantly, however, if you look hard enough – you can start to get to the heart of the matter and find specific people. Whether they are current students or future classmates, once you’ve decided, or even while still on the fence, go exploring!

When I came to my first official GB event only days after I had graduated high school there was a girl in my group who stood out to me. She had the same name, similar interests, and then ironically- the same exact major and minor I was planning on taking.

I went home and did my research. From our group activities I knew her name and where she was from.  When I finally found her on Facebook, we started casually chatting. As the days went by the comments got longer and longer and we got to know a lot about each other. The first day on campus she sent me a text message saying “Where should we meet?”

I was excited to have someone I knew right off the bat, and giggled at the fact that technology had already played such a huge part of our friendship. I was nervous that it wouldn’t be the same- or she would somehow be completely different—neither was the case.

Katie and I have been called “inseparable” by some of our professors, and have attended more events together than I can count. Even though we’ve both obviously met more people (many of who I recognized from various “Going to GB” Facebook groups)- we still remain close.

Technology also becomes a large part of your college career- many professors have facebooks and I even have a class this semester that has a facebook information page!

So I encourage you to go on Facebook and join GB groups that interest you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of other students! Become friends with Phlash and get information about the latest sports events. Become a “fan” of UWGB and get more information. Hey, there’s even UWGB flair if you’d like to start showing your Phoenix pride! I’m not really familiar with some of the other programs- but start finding some cool stuff to do on those as well!

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