Are college professors mean? Are they harder on you than in high school? Some of you many assume that as the years go on, they just get tougher. But the truth is, the professors don’t get tougher, it’s the material that does. It’s just natural that the classes are going to get tougher. We are growing as students and college is meant to challenge us and prepare us for the future. Not that the material is too difficult, because it is very manageable if you attend class and put a reasonable effort towards your work.  The professors want you to succeed more than anyone. They may seem tough, but it is just them challenging you.

They often remind students in the beginning of the semester that this is a college class and a lot is to be expected of you. I don’t mean to write this to scare anyone, but it’s good to have an idea of what to expect. I personally find some classes easier than classes that I took in high school, while other tend to be more challenging. Many professors give you options to get a hold of them or meet with them to get one-on-one help and support for class. They want to make sure you have all the knowledge and opportunity to succeed!

They also can be very fun. You get tons of work done every time you meet for class, but most of the professors I had in the past like to mix in some fun exercises and activities. For example, I’m taking a course this semester called “Theories of Communication” where we discuss theories. Our professor could bore us with lectures from a textbook, but he presents the material to us in more creative/ exciting ways. Last Wednesday to show us that every theory is different; he had us draw a map from the University to Lambeau Field. We drew them on the board and discussed how each map was different than the next and the pros and cons of each. It was a fun way to learn the concepts for the class!

So basically, don’t worry about the toughness of the professors or the classes for that matter. You know that the classes are going to be challenging, because it’s college. And the professors are here for you and they are here to make sure that you succeed as students and as young adults. If you fail, they fail. And in saying that, you have to do your part as well. If you try your hardest, attend class every week, and abide by the rules of the University, then you will have no problem what so ever. The professors can be fun and school can be fun. You just have to have a good mind set going in! Let me know if you have any more questions, I will answer them as soon as I can! Thanks

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