Life’s A Beach!

When I was in YOUR spot last year discussing colleges with my peers, one girl I talked to had one unique requirement- wherever she went, she wanted to be able walk to the beach. Looking at fun, warm places like California and Florida, she of course didn’t want to go THAT far from home. Little did she (or I, at the time) know that UW-Green Bay would have been a place of interest.

Yes, we are known for our beautiful arboretum, but did YOU know that Green Bay has access to the water?! I didn’t. I was excited when the beautiful 72 degree weather took my friend and I to Community Park, a University owned property only a short walk away from campus housing.

I had seen it as I drove by, but all I ever really caught a glimpse of was the big green space with some pretty benches, picnic tables, and trees. A great place for sun bathing or playing games and frequently used by the community, who would have thought so close to campus on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, you could kick off your flip-flops and take a walk in some sand?

But as I said in an earlier post, only in Wisconsin would a beautiful day mean more snow ahead! Oh well, I will wake up tomorrow with white flurries in the air, just waiting for Saturday when I can once again dangle my feet in the bay at Community Park.

(Not really a sand-in-your-toes person? Be sure to check out another unique piece of University property. Curly Lambeau cottage (the original cottage used by Curly Lambeau in his coaching days) is also only a short walk from campus and has an amazing view of the bay and the option to walk by the water.)

Walking The Shores
Walking The Shores

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