“I Wish I Was Home…I Wish I Was Back There”

(Since I’m a big musical theater nerd in my spare time…I decided that I could sum up my life and the title for this blog in that quote from the musical THE WIZ.)

At the end of finals week I was more than happy to leave GB. Not the fabulous school, not my friends, but a nice break from academia was welcomed. Even though I would miss some amenities of Green Bay like cable and high-speed internet (which explains the lack of posting, and I apologize)- nothing beats home-cooked meals and old friends.

The holidays were a wonderful opportunity to tell my entire family of all my college adventures in (pretty much) one shot. It was nice to make big meals, not be up writing papers, and to have the keys to my little almost-broken-down car in my hands again!

But after the first week of being in my home- I realized I had a completely new one. Once the novelty of seeing everyone began to wear away, I longed for my other home.

If you would have asked me in September, and admittedly well in to October, I would have never called Green Bay home. It is not where my family is…. Not where my cats sleep at night…. Not where I have my car, or my favorite art hanging in my very own room.

By November and the end of the semester (when I finally figured everything out) I made a home. I didn’t realize it until I wanted to run to my friend- who is now inconveniently hours from my home- instead of 2 minutes…. Or until I got so sincerely bored without talking to the fabulous people I work with or see on a daily basis on campus…. Or even- until the night I went “hmm…what to do?”

But here it is…slapping me in the face. I miss home.

I now define home a little differently. Home is not necessarily where my car, my cat, or my room is. Home is where love is. Where laughter is. Where you know somebody is there for you, whether it be a friend, an adult, or a helpful stranger.

Although nothing can replace being home, here, in Milwaukee…I cannot wait to get back to my other home at UWGB.

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